Parul Gulati, attracts Shark Tank judges with Rs. 1 Crore investment


Sharks Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta offered her Rs 1 crore for 3 per cent in equity. It was followed by Amit Jain`s offer of Rs 1 crore for 2 per cent of the equity.

The Indian adaptation of Shark Tank is about to enter the final week of its second season, which means the show’s conclusion is getting near. As the season continued, the Sharks enjoyed listening to a variety of pitches that displayed scientific curiosity and inventiveness. This kept them entertained. There were even a handful that had plans for companies that would “bootstrap,” which left the Sharks wondering how bright the businesses were.

As the final week of Shark Tank India draws near, fans will be treated to a number of brand-new pitches that have never been featured on the show before. These new pitches will be presented to the sharks during the final week. One of the pitches that has been successful is called Nish Hair, and it was presented by actor Parul Gulati. In the sneak peek that was just revealed, Parul gives the Sharks a pitch for her product, and they are appropriately impressed by it.

Glamour’s Parul gulati spotted on Shark Tank

Nish Hair, owned and operated by Parul Gulati, is a business that specialises in the sale of hair extensions to individuals who are going through the process of being bald. Her presentation left a positive impression on the Sharks, but online reviewers were not as enthusiastic. Immediately after the teaser was made available to the public, viewers left comments asking why the “Sharks” never invest in fledgling businesses who are having trouble getting off the ground.

A user on the internet argued, “Oh my goodness, has she already attained fame and fortune? You should be supportive of new ventures, particularly tiny enterprises just getting their feet off the ground. #sharktankindia You need to level up in terms of your performance.” Someone person who is part of this group stated, “My sincere wish is that we will be able to shine a light on genuine people and real small businesses that are struggling due to a lack of resources, social media fame, and business contacts. It is imperative that we have access to the original, unaltered form.”

Sharks Vineeta singh & Aman gupta offered her Rs 1 crore in exchange for 3% of the company’s equity, which she turned down. After then, Amit Jain made an offer of Rs 1 crore in exchange for 2% of the company’s stock.
But Vineeta and Amit had an argument regarding her business.

I’ve been watching ‘Shark Tank US’ for a while, and I’ve always dreamed of pitching my business ideas to the sharks,” Parul Gulati remarked when discussing her experience on the show. When I first started Nish Hair, I never thought I’d be the one begging for funding. For two reasons: first, I didn’t trust myself, and second, numbers made no sense to me.

I couldn’t believe it when the opportunity to promote my company’s products on “Shark Tank India 2” presented myself. After finishing the first season in one sitting, I secretly hoped I was one of the sharks. It was one of the three best experiences of my life, and I’m glad I decided to compete. Never before have I felt so fresh and alert. “I started my company without going to business school and came up with a great solution that helps people with hair concerns,” Parul Gulati explained.

Sony Entertainment Television is the home of the show.

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