10 Peyush Bansal quotes that can inspire every entrepreneur

Peyush Bansal, CEO of Lenskart and a Shark at Shark Tank India feels urges entrepreneurs to focus on value creation. Here are 10 quotes by Peyush Bansal.


Entrepreneurs that have made it to the big leagues always have advice that budding businessmen can apply in their lives. It takes a lot of sweat, patience, and sometimes even blood to reach where companies like Lenskart are standing today.

Mr. Peyush Bansal, the Co-Founder and CEO of Lenskart has always been someone who motivates startups and entrepreneurs to keep going in their journey. Also seen on the popular Indian TV show Shark Tank India: Season 1, Peyush Bansal was one of the Sharks that not just invested in businesses but also invested in ideas and people that he saw sincerity and potential in. Being a Shark and the founder of India’s one of the most popular eye-wear brands, getting the chance to associate with him will always be a learning experience for entrepreneurs.

To motivate you in your entrepreneurial journey, here are 10 quotes by Shark Peyush Bansal that every business owner should know:

  1. “Make meaning and rest everything will follow.”
  2. “As a budding entrepreneur, one should focus on value creation more than anything else.”
  3. “There is no secret sauce for success and the only way to grow is to hustle, fail, learn and grow.”
  4. “Bada vision, bade iraade, duniya badal sakte hai.” (Big vision and great intentions can change the world)

“There is no secret sauce for success and the only way to grow is to hustle, fail, learn and grow.”

-Mr. Peyush Bansal, CEO of Lenskart
  1. “All the education that you do has an impact. I probably use less engineering than the concepts I use on people management.”
  2. “Determined hona bohot zaroori hai otherwise life bohot tough hai because koi bhi ye nahi maanega ki aap ye change laa sakte ho.” ( It is very important to be determined otherwise life will be tough because people won’t believe that you can create change.”)
  3. “Bada karne ke liye, bada kehna bohot zaroori hai aur bada sochna.” (“To do something big, it is important to think and say big.”)
  4. “Hum ek real problem dhundhe, jo ek badi problem hai aur bhalle hi vo problem ka solution difficult hai, usspe apna energy lagaake vo problem solve karre. Taaki India aur world aage chalke behetar banne.” ( “Look for a real and big problem, and even if its difficult to solve it, you should use all your energy to solve it to make India and this world a better place.”)
  5. “It is all about hunger, passion, failing, trying and environment of not being able to give ourselves a logical reason and being focused and UN-reasonable.”
  6. “If companies can master how to spot talent, it becomes a moat for them and a win-win situation as more talented people get opportunity to grow and prove themselves.”

Peyush Bansal’s presence on Shark Tank India and his investment philosophies portrays that apart from looking at the numbers it is also important to look at the cause of the business, the determination and dedication of a founder, and what does the business mean to him/her when investing in a business.

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These quotes by Peyush Bansal will not help entrepreneurs but also help anyone who is striving for success every day.

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