Shark Tank Meets Crypto: CoinMarketCap Launches “Killer Whale” TV Show

"Killer Whale" will allow entrepreneurs to pitch ideas for new Web3 products and projects to a panel of judges.


In place of “Shark Tank,” CoinMarketCap has partnered with Hello Labs, a Web3 entertainment company founded by multi-award-winning Hollywood director and producer Paul Caslin, to create a competition show that will both entertain and inform viewers worldwide about the complexities and developing technology of the Web3 space.

The newest reality series is anticipated to incorporate both Web3 and entertainment components.

Killer whale

The next show, according to the official blog post, intends to satisfy the growing desire of billions of Web3 users by offering a global platform for initiatives within the cryptocurrency and NFT arena, both large and small.

The reality programme, dubbed “Killer Whale,” is made by Hello Labs along with other unidentified co-producers.

It follows the structure of Shark Tank, with participants pitching their crypto and NFT businesses to a panel of industry professionals and judges known as “Whales” in the hopes of gaining the mentorship needed to take them to the next level.
The pitches will either “swim” or “sink” in the voting. The goal is to get as many votes from the judges as possible “to stand a chance of topping the series leaderboard and being crowned the series winner,” according to the statement.

“When producing the show, we want to give the entire Web3 community a voice through our platform, so we’ve introduced a way for communities to vote for their favourite projects and NFTs and show their support.”

Contestants will have the chance to realise their ideas and have a big impact on the bitcoin industry with the support of our judges.

Beginning on May 2, interested applicants may submit their applications to CoinMarketCap and Applications will be examined by qualified industry experts’ professional representatives. In Los Angeles, the projects that have been chosen will go through numerous rounds of interviews. Filming on Killer Whales will start in June. Subsequently, it will be made available on all of the top streaming services.

Interested parties can start submitting their applications to and CoinMarketCap on May 2. Those who are selected will then go through a series of interviews in Hollywood. The show will start filming in June and will be available on major streaming providers as well as Hello Labs’ on-demand Hello TV service.

Hello Labs CEO Sander Gortjes said in a statement, “Our goal is to open the door to the next billion users into Web3 by entertaining and educating them on all things crypto.”
Recently, a number of Web3-related television programmes have appeared, showcasing the variety of applications for blockchain technology and the rising interest in cryptocurrencies among mass media viewers.Fox will premiere “Krapopolis,” a programme from “Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon, possibly in 2023. Holders of the 10,420 Krap Chicken non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can vote on show aspects, access special material, and earn incentives since the collection’s premiere in August.

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