14 weird Craiyon or DALL-E Mini creations shared on the internet


People have enjoyed producing bizarre photographs using an artificial intelligence application that can take a random description and build an image from it.

Craiyon, formerly DALL-E Mini, is an AI system that can generate images from natural language descriptions. It is a knock-off, less powerful, but freely available version of DALL-E by OpenAI. Early in June 2022, the project went widespread on Twitter because it was used to create amusing photographs, such as characters in peculiar places or characters eating different meals.

DALL-E Mini is an open-source community project that was started as an inspiration for the original DALL-E and has since continued to develop with amazing outcomes due to Boris Dayma and all collaborators. Here are 15 weird and wacky DALL-E Mini or Craiyon creations that are taking rounds on the internet:

“Helicopter View of your Mom” and “The Father..The Son..and the Holy Pee Pee”

“Jesus Christ as a sexy Twitch Streamer”

“Mickey Mouse on Star Trek Voyager” and “WW2 German Tank as a Thomas the Engine”

“Danny Devito in Persona 5”

“Societ Propaganda Poster of Nicholas Cage”

“Mosh pit in a Daycare” and “Baby Mugshot”

“Man Yelling at a Toast” and “Michael Myers having a Barbecue”

“Fetus holding an AR-15”

“US Marine dig in to Sandcastle on Beach” and “Cats Cuddling with the Creature from the Black Lagoon”

Artificial intelligence does have a knack for making art, despite the existential horrors that come with the vast amounts of knowledge it amasses. Today, the internet is utilizing this technology to its fullest potential by using DALL-E Mini to produce some epically bizarre visuals.

People are always eager to adopt a new AI that is accessible online and that anyone can interact with. With the new Craiyon, which enables users to enter any notion of their choice and watch the AI produce an image of it, this is the case once more. The AI is certainly not perfect, but it is fairly intelligent. All of the people do have some fairly unsettling faces afterward, but it just serves to increase the humor.

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