How To Kill Time Online Before You Die Bored

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Well, I’m here to help you kill this boredom of yours and get you active through social media

First and foremost;


For most of us social networking site equals to Facebook. In this digital world Facebook account has become more important than ration cards or passports. It is a free and a best medium for communication. It gives you the opportunity to message, upload photos ,videos, like, comment and be socially alive. You can find people and with just one click make them your friends.The next comes twitter. It basically refers to ‘what are you doing right now’ and this phrase has got so much popularity that even Barack Obama would wants to let the world know what he is doing now. These social networking sites gives us the chance to follow the people we want and keep a check on the lives of our favorite celebs. Apart from facebook and twitter tumblr, linkedin and many others help us in being socially alive


The one word that comes to our mind: YouTube.

 Wanna watch something interesting? Well, YouTube is here to satisfy your need. Be it a movie, a song, a television program or any video, you can search for it on YouTube and watch it for any number of times you want. It also gives you the opportunity to upload any videos of your creation. Apart from these, by giving us a chance to like and comment on the videos which can be seen as the feedback it completes the process of communications


Time for some entertainment. Who doesn’t like playing games and especially those games where you don’t have to spend a lot of energy? Online games are played over internet and mostly without payment .Here you can interact with thousands of gamers online enabling you to play without grabbing anyone’s attention. So what do you want to play puzzle games or shooting games, dressup games or street games, board games or card games? Yes! online gaming offers you a wide variety of games of all types, you just need to grab your PC and get started.


Well, people say not all question have answers but quora says ask and we will answer. Quora community is made up of real, active and intelligent people who try to find solutions to problems. It is basically a question and answer website where questions are created and answered. Apart from this it also enables you to create blog, write, post and message.

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Blogs are online journals written and published by bloggers. Blogs can be of different types, personal blogging which is more or less like an online diary, group blogging and microblogging ie posting in pieces. With their casual writing and unpredictable subject material blogs would grab anyone’s attention

Medium is a blog publishing platform where you get to read interesting and breathtaking stories. You can also recommend and follow your favorite writers here


Well more than killing time i would rather like to call it saving time. Fashion is something that never goes outdated and with these many shopping sites available your sense of fashion will also never become outdated. Online shopping allows you to visit multiple sites with just a click and saves both energy and time . Sites like amazon, flipkart , snapdeal, ebay and many more are here to attend to your need


How many of you have Googled something and ended up on Wikipedia? Almost everybody isn’t it?

It the online encyclopedia which informs. When you google something most of the time in the first page you will find wikipedia’s info. It opens our mind to new things and keeps us informed


Who wouldn’t like laughing? And when it is about the funniest jokes then 9GAG jokes takes the lead. Through memes they make the world laugh.They are the silliest but the most outranging jokes that you would find online

Go to :

Still bored? Well, try out these you would definitely help in sweeping off your boredom.




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