Mark Zuckerberg unveils AI projects aimed at building metaverse future

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Facebook, now Meta is exploring how Meta can be a big part of our daily lives. The company aims to take steps towards the future to build something that has the potential to scale the whole planet.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta wants to create Meta in a way that gives the world an immersive internet experience. This can happen through advancements in the AI systems that we are already using today. The company held an online event on Facebook – ‘Inside the Lab’ on 23rd February 2022, during which Mr. Zuckerberg talked about several steps it has taken to enhance the Meta experience.

He demoed a prototype of an AI concept- Builder Bot, which had the ability to create a whole new world by using voice commands. He explained how can users make a virtual world through simple voice commands. The video featured an avatar of Mr. Zuckerberg and begins with the command, “let’s go the park”. After this, the bot changes the demographics to a park. The video shows how accurate the commands can be and how does one create an entire world using the tool.

Although this model looked interesting, many were not very impressed by it. The Builder Bot created a fairly simple world in looks and functionality. The amount the company has been rolling out in the metaverse and the technology visible to the world creates a gap between the expectations and results.

The company also announced the project CAIraoke that will enable users to talk with an AI assistant more naturally. It works end-to-end and combines the four systems i.e. natural language understanding, dialog state tracking, dialog policy management, and natural language generation that are used by assistants today. Today’s assistants follow a basic script and get confused when unexpected questions are asked. This project will help in building assistants that will help us in a better way.

Mark Zuckerberg also believes that AI has the power to bring people together by destroying the language barrier. “The ability to communicate with anyone in any language — that’s a superpower people have dreamed of forever, and AI is going to deliver that within our lifetimes,” said Mr. Zuckerberg in an online presentation.

The ability to communicate with anyone in any language — that’s a superpower people have dreamed of forever, and AI is going to deliver that within our lifetimes

It was noticed that around 20% of people in the world do not speak languages that are covered by the existing AI systems. With the focus of ‘No Language Left Behind‘, the company will build AI models that require fewer training models to translate a language. It also wants to create a Universal Speech Translator that will translate languages directly into the desired language without using an intermediary.

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Meta wants to create a virtual world powered by AI that learns from not only voice but also other inputs. It aims to connect and transform the physical world to the virtual world.


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