Wondering how will the last selfie on earth look like? Here’s what DALL-E 2 suggests

This AI text-to-image generator suggests what the end of the world will look like and it's pretty scary.


Many of us believed that the world was going to end in 2012, and that didn’t go according to plan. So, a lot of people also predicted when the world will possibly end. All of us can take a guess, but believe it or not, it will happen someday. But have you imagined how will it look like when the world will be ending? Definitely disastrous. But here’s what the image-to-text generator, DALL – E 2 suggests.

A TikTok user, @robotoverloards posted a series of photos in a video that DALL-E 2 generated when it was asked what “the selfie of the end of the world” would look like. It also prompted “last selfie ever taken in the apocalypse”.Somewhere in the back of the mind, we knew that the end of the world won’t be exciting or nice but these images will send a shiver running down your spine.

These apocalyptic images depict zombie-like and skeletal humans. Humans resemble more like aliens in these images. In one of the pictures, we can also see Earth floating in the background which may suggest that the human race will move to a different planet. Many of them have similar scary-looking humans with their surroundings destroyed or vanished. But all of them are taking a selfie. The reaction of people is also interesting. (www.spinabifida.net) While some have accepted it, others seem to be having a hard time doing that and are even scared.

Recently, DALL-E 2 announced that it will be releasing the text-to-image tool to one million users from its waitlist. The company previously only gave access to a limited number of people so they can work on the limitations of the tool and minimize its misuse.

Before DALL-E 2, the internet was having fun with another text-to-image generator called Craiyon, previously called DALL-E Mini to create memes and hilarious stuff. When people were experimenting with DALL-E Mini or Craiyon, a lot of people pointed out that some of the generations that this AI tool created were racist. It was also pointed out that on searching a blank prompt, the tool generated images of South Asian women in sarees.

But that’s the thing with AI text-to-image generators, people can use their imagination and mind to create whatever they want to. And even if there are certain things that can actually be avoided by creating strict policies and regulations, these tools have some time to be ready for the whole world.

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