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Apple WWDC 2022: From WatchOS9 to the new M2 processor, here are all the big announcements!


There was a lot of excitement amongst tech fans ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2022. The company sure didn’t disappoint as they ended the keynote with some major hardware and software announcements. The conference will continue till 10th June. 

To start with, Apple officially unveiled iOS 16, a more enhanced version of their operating system which runs on all compatible iPhone models. This update has brought a major change to iOS lock screens making them more customizable than they were in years. iOS 16’s Live Activities also bring to you the ability to pin and manage all your notifications from the lock screen. They are also bringing updates to the Messages app as you can now choose to edit or undo messages which you’ve sent. 

Image Credits: Apple’s Website

A big update also comes in the form of WatchOS9 as Apple has packed in a plethora of new features for their users. Sleep Tracking on the new OS gets much better as they provide more insights with the introduction of sleep stages. Users can see sleep stage data on Apple Watch in the Sleep app. Users with the medications app will now be able to manage the medicines they take. They can now set reminders and notifications of the medications they have to take throughout the day. The Workout app now supports a new Multisport workout type that automatically switches between swimming biking and running, the Fitness app syncs as well as ever with the watch as it gives you a detailed and precise analysis of your health.

Image Credits: Apple’s Website

Apple is also introducing its brand new M2 chip. Similar to its original M1 clip, the M2 uses Apple’s custom Arm silicon, and it’s built on a 5nm process with 20 billion transistors. Apple promises an 18 percent faster CPU, and a 35 percent faster GPU inside the M2. The M2 chipset can handle a maximum of 24GB of unified memory. We also saw a very interesting hardware announcement, as Apple revealed the new MacBook Air which is designed around the M2 processor. The 2022 MacBook Air has a larger 2560×1664 13.6-inch display with smaller bezels. Apple says that this model is 40- percent faster than the previous one but that largely varies depending on the app being used. Just like the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is also getting an M2 upgrade. The new Macbooks will come to India by next month.

Image Credits: Apple’s Website

With iPadOS 16, their iPad operating system which will launch later this year, Multitasking will be getting a huge boost. The OS shares a lot of features with iOS 16 and macOS but it is also getting a lot of improvements of its own. Apple also emphasized how they are bringing iPadOS up to speed with desktop operating systems. There is also a new whiteboard app to geek on called Freeform, designed for colleagues to contribute to a shared canvas. Lastly, they also revealed a new version of the macOS. The new operating system called the macOS Ventura comes with a new Stage Manager tool and updates to Mail, Safari, and Spotlight. Apple with this update too continues towards its goal of bringing macOS closer to its iPhone counterpart. 

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