11 Mind blowing things you could do with ChatGPT


ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, is taking the internet to another level. It is a new invention of OpenAI that can perform wonders within seconds. Everyone is amazed by its AI writing tools, AI text-to-image generators and even AI self-portraits. 

ChatGPT is a language model chatbot developed by OpenAI on GPT-3.5. 

Let’s take a tour on amazing things that ChatGPT can do!

1. Create Jokes

 Life is boring without fun and laughs. If you have some free time and wish to laugh, you can use ChatGpt and read jokes you have never heard of. You can share these jokes with your friends and laugh together.

2. Write codes

If you want to write codes or learn coding, ChatGPT will help you in its way. You can ask ChatGPT to write code in a particular programming language and use it in your programs. As always, you can better the code generated by ChatGPT. This way, you can also learn to code by seeing the code written on something by ChatGPT. It gives you some experience.

3. Translate Languages

Stuck at a place where you cannot understand a particular language? Just use ChatGPT and translate phrases into your language in no time. Especially with the recent developments of ChatGPT-4, it has become a game-changer in breaking down language barriers, as it can analyze the context and meaning of words and sentences, which makes it able to make more accurate translations that heavily consider the nuances of language and culture. You can translate statements into multiple languages, may it be Chinese, Russian or any other language you have not heard of!

4. Explain complex topics

Many times, Google cannot explain things in a way you could understand. But now you have ChatGPT. Just ask it to explain a topic. It will provide all the relevant information. You can ask something like ‘explain to me a particular topic like i am a 6 year old’, and it will find multiple ways to explain that concept to you.

5. Write songs

If you are finding it difficult to rhyme your phrases into a song, ChatGPT has got your back. It can rhyme, compose and might tune your thoughts into a beautiful song or poetry. Later, you can improvise it yourself as it is obvious to make changes in a computer generated song.

6. Play Games

Got bored? Have nothing great to do? ChatGPT is always there with multiple games for you! Various interesting games that would refresh you are available with ChatGPT. You can spend a great time playing exciting games.

7. Create resume and cover letter

It is a boring job to write cover letters while you keep applying for jobs. It is obvious that you cannot paste the same cover letter everywhere, so here is ChatGPT to help you out. You can also design your resume. There are multiple templates available. 

8. Solve math problems

Being a student is difficult. It is even more difficult to remember so many formulas. But why worry when you have ChatGPT. From basic math like adding or subtracting to solving a theorem, you can solve a lot of problems within seconds. 

9. Get relationship advice

ChatGPT obviously cannot understand emotions, but it can surely help you with suggestions that might help you. It can also be your personal therapist and relationship expert. 

10. Write essays

ChatGPT can write essays for you for a variety of topics. You can always ask for interesting phrases to expand your essays, and find information to add. It can help you in a wide range of topics.

11. Can be your chat friend

You could not only get information but you can literally chat with ChatGPT. It can be your internet friend who can talk to you all day about almost everything. Why get bored sitting and wondering what to do when you can ask, tell anything to ChatGPT. 

The Chatbox is still explored by many and there are alot of things yet to be discovered by people. Everyone is still researching on what all ChatGPT could do more to ease life. It is far more than a chatbox, it is something you could even do to learn new things, ease out work and even earn money.

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