10 Funny April Fools’ Day Pranks that you can pull off at work

10 easy and last-minute April Fools' Day pranks that you can pull on your office mates and colleagues in 2022.


April Fools’ Day is celebrated on 1st April worldwide when people play pranks on each other. It is an enthusiastic festival and people keep sportive spirits as they get embarrassed by their friends, family, college mates, co-workers and more. April fools refer to the people who fall for them and the pranks that are played on them.

After staying at least six feet away from each other due to the COVID-19 lockdown, offices and workplaces around the world have slowly started re-opening. People are meeting their colleagues after a long time and this is probably the best time to pull pranks on each other and celebrate April Fools’ Day.

The History of April Fools’ Day

Although it is still unknown how the day came into the picture, people still play along and have been doing so for ages. Some historians believe that the day came into origin when the French moved from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. At that time, many people didn’t know or didn’t accept that the New Year date has been shifted to January 1 from April 1. That is when other people started to make fun of these people who believed in the old tradition and continued to celebrate it as the new year. Some people also believe that it is linked with the change of seasons. There are many theories revolving around April Fools’ Day but it is still unclear how it spread to the whole world. One thing certain about this day is that people make fun of each other and play light-hearted pranks.

If you want some great office prank ideas, then you should definitely watch the Office; because let’s face it, the pranks Jim played on Dwight are incomparable. But if you know nothing about this TV show we have ideated some witty April Fools’ Day pranks that are easy and will not get you fired, we have created a list of 10 prank ideas that you can play among your colleagues:

Sticky Notes on your Friend’s Vehicle

This has to be the easiest prank you can play on your office mates. All you need is sticky notes from your office supplies, our colleague’s car and some creativity. When your office mate is working in the office, you can conveniently go and decorate the whole exterior body of the car with sticky notes. You can make it colorful or use your imagination and go nuts! He will definitely love to have a ‘sticky note ride’ at the end of the day.

The Dead Mouse Prank

We are not talking about killing an actual animal! Buy a rubber mouse and place it in one of your colleague’s drawers. Then, patiently wait for the minute they open their drawer to see the surprise that is waiting for him. You can also use bad odor sprays to take this prank up a notch.

Pants in the Stall

Here is another very simple prank that will fool not one, but many of your office mates. Bring an extra pair of jeans and shoes while leaving your house. Place this get up on one of your office bathroom stalls as if someone is using the stall. Anyone who sees it will feel someone is inside and may have to wait forever for his turn. You can let this prank go on until someone actually realizes that someone has been in the stall for hours.

Mint Oreos

When you open a packet of chips or biscuits, you naturally offer it to your co-workers. You have to do the same but there is a twist. Buy some Oreos and eat only the cream from the biscuits. Between the cookies, add some mint toothpaste, and offer it to your colleagues. Each and every one of your colleagues is going to fall for it!

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The Inverted Glass Prank

This prank is also a tricky challenge for your office mates. For this, you need a glass, water, thin cardboard and speed. Fill the glass with water and place the cardboard on top of the brim. Swiftly turn the glass upside down and place it on your friend’s desk. Finally, gently remove the cardboard from the bottom and watch your colleague trying to figure out some way to flip the glass without making a mess.

Mimic a Co-Worker

If you have a co-worker that has his own quirky and weird ways or habits then April Fools’ Day would be the best time to mimic him without him getting offended. Dress up like him and mimic his ways without crossing a line. This way, not only he will enjoy it but also the office will have a light environment.

The very Important Report

This is a prank that will work the best if you are a boss. You can mail your employees or casually mention the important report they had to submit today. I guarantee you, most people are going to be so scared about what they forgot, especially when it comes from a boss that they won’t even ask which report are you talking about. Let them brainstorm about it through the day then both of you can have a burst of light laughter.

A Bug is Roaming around the Office

There has to be someone in your office who is extremely afraid of bugs. Some people will definitely not put their feet down unless the bug has been trapped. You can use this to your advantage by placing something like a plastic cup upside and down and making it look like a bug has left the torn it apart and gotten away. This way you can first brag about catching a big deadly bug and later scare everyone by pretending it got away!

Is this Your Underwear?

This is definitely going to make your mate’s cheeks red! When I was younger this was one of my nightmares. You need to bring some white granny panties, write your colleague’s name on them and throw it on the washroom floor. As soon as someone notices their friend’s underwear is lying on the floor, they will be a good friend and return it. If you think that this will not work, be a good friend, pick up your friend’s underwear and return it yourself.

The Scary Ceiling

It is time to scare your office mate who is extremely afraid of ghosts or zombies. Print an image of a ghost that looks like it is coming from the ceiling to attack. Make sure it is large enough to feel as if it is real and paste on the ceiling that is above your co-worker’s desk. You can also play the music when the co-worker enters that is relevant to the picture and watch him scream!

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Although your office mates may not mind the pranks you play on this day but make sure that you don’t make fun of them or hurt them unknowingly. Choose an office mate who is sportive and will not take anything too seriously.

Now that you have a list of prank ideas ready with you, wait for April Fools’ Day until you can start pranking your colleagues or friends and have some fun during office hours. The only thing you should be taking care of is whether these pranks are appropriate for the person you are targeting and you will definitely not get in trouble.

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