Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need to Check Out


Our current encounters with AI have been reshaped as a result of the rapid advancement of technology. The most recent and relevant example of this is the rapid ascent of ChatGPT, which is an artificially intelligent bot that makes use of natural language processing (NLP) to imitate human communication. It has been widely reported that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has fundamentally altered the manner in which humans converse with AI bots. It is taught to process enormous volumes of textual content so that it can behave similarly to human intelligence.

Because of its growing popularity, ChatGPT’s capabilities are being adopted by an increasing number of companies for use on their own websites and other online properties. As a consequence of this, another another pattern is emerging, and it involves ChatGPT plugins for Chrome.

With the ChatGPT plugin for the Chrome browser, it is possible to have conversations with highly developed AI without ever having to exit the browser. The capability to use ChatGPT is granted to the browser by the addition of these add-ons, which were developed on the OpenAI platform. After selecting an extension from the Chrome Web Store, which can be done by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button, the installation can then be confirmed. Your version of Chrome will be updated to incorporate the add-on in the near future.

Now, let’s go into the top 5 ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

1. ChatGPT Writer

You will be able to have ChatGPT AI compose whole emails and messages for you if you make use of the ChatGPT Writer add-on. It is compatible with any website, and its compatibility with Gmail has been significantly improved. Also, it is able to comprehend any language as it is bilingual. The developers of ChatGPT Writer claim that their product provides the “best quality responses that outcompete any other products on the market.” If you want to make use of this add-on, all you have to do is click the icon that represents the add-on. You will be able to access a new screen by clicking the button provided. Simply enter your topic, then click the “Create Response” button. The user’s input is used as prompts, and the system functions in accordance with those prompts. But, while responding to an email, the user is required to offer a prompt in addition to the content of the email that was previously received (which may be changed to delete any personal material).

2. TweetGTP

Those who want to refine their social media abilities and make a stronger impression with their tweets can benefit tremendously from using TweetGTP, which is an amazing alternative. This programme uses ChatGPT in order to allow users to compose tweets. Installing the add-on, which can be obtained through the Chrome Web Store, is the first step in getting started. As you open a new tab in Twitter, you will see that there is a robot icon located beneath the tweet section. You can have the add-on automatically compose a new tweet for you whenever you like by pressing the button. The tool will make a haphazard decision as to whether the generated tweet will be optimistic, pessimistic, controversial, or something else else. The TweetGPT add-on gives users the ability to automatically produce a response to a tweet based on the content of the tweet that they are responding to. And if you find yourself in need of a fresh tweet, it will provide you with something to say that is pertinent to whatever is occurring at the present time.

3. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

It may take a significant amount of time to transcribe lengthy videos seen on YouTube. The YouTube Summary Chrome extension simplifies the process of obtaining summaries of videos that are posted on the video-sharing platform by making use of the ChatGPT AI technology that is provided by OpenAI. While browsing videos on YouTube, you have the option of viewing a synopsis of any video by clicking the summary button that is located next to the thumbnail of the video. This option allows you to save time by providing you with a summary of the video’s content before you decide whether or not to watch the video in its entirety.

4. ShareGPT

You’ll be able to swiftly and simply participate in talks on ChatGPT if you have the ShareGPT Chrome extension installed on your browser. You may quickly create links to your ChatGPT chats that will remain active for a long time with the help of ShareGPT, which you can then give to your contacts.
With the help of this extension for Google Chrome, users are able to quickly take a snapshot of their conversation with a bot and then effortlessly share it with other people. A user can simply press a button on their smartphone to capture a screenshot of their conversation with a chatbot and then save it to their device.

5. WebChatGPT

Despite its widespread usage, ChatGPT does not provide users with access to timely data. If you use the WebChatGPT extension with ChatGPT, you can get up-to-date and correct chat suggestions from the web.
Using the capabilities of ChatGPT, the Google browser add-on ChatGPT for Google improves Google Search. ChatGPT response is displayed with conventional search engine results.

6. Merlin

 A replacement for those who enjoyed the ChatGPT for Google extension but wished it worked across all of Google’s services in the browser. Open AI’s Merlin is a cross-browser add-on driven by ChatGPT. The extension’s consistent responses to diverse stimuli can be traced back to its reliance on Open AI’s GPT AI model.
The CTRL (CMD on Mac) + M keyboard shortcut activates the browser extension known as Merlin. The interface of the extension is cutting edge, with smooth curves wherever possible. To use Merlin, simply type in a question in the style of ChatGPT, and the programme will respond in a matter of seconds. As was previously noted, Merlin operates throughout the entirety of the browser and on any website. Get in touch with this add-on the next time you need an instant answer to a work email or a piece of rapid HTML code.

7. Summarize

The aforementioned YouTube Synopsis add-on is suitable for any and all videos. Yet, it can only be used for videos. The Summarize Chrome addon provides an analogous service for written content. You don’t even need to go to the ChatGPT website to use the extension, as it is built right into Chrome.
In order to use Summarize, you just to open an article, email, or website and then select the extension from the toolbar. In a matter of seconds, it will submit a request to ChatGPT and return an organised summary. I put Summarize through its paces on several different books, and it performed admirably in each case. It occasionally did not receive a reply, but that is because the ChatGPT servers are now overloaded. Still, it’s reliable enough that it made our list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

8. ChatGPT for Google

Those who have tried out the AI chatbot ChatGPT know that it can only operate in a single tab. Keeping that tab open is a must if you need constant access. This ChatGPT addon gets rid of that issue by exposing the bot to search results. The ChatGPT for Google extension does what it says it does and shows the response from ChatGPT next to the search results in Google. You can get started with the extension installed and connected to OpenAI in no time.
There are no additional steps or prompts necessary to activate the extension; it will activate automatically whenever you use Google. The first step is a standard Google search for a starting point. An all-new ChatGPT panel has replaced the right-hand knowledge panel. Here, ChatGPT pulls a reply from your Google search and displays it for you. Your search term will be processed similarly to a prompt, so no additional action is required. Like with the main site, users of ChatGPT on this page can get answers, develop code in response to inquiries, and more.

9. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

With ChatGPT, you can do a tonne of neat stuff. Several things are within your reach, from writing articles to creating complex computer programmes. Yet, you may be out of amusing chatbot prompts to use. This need is met by ChatGPT Prompt Genius, which provides users with an abundance of prompts and other enhancements.

To get started, open the Chrome add-on and follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you may select from a wide variety of suggestions and arrange them in any way you like using the handy drop-down menus.
When you’re satisfied with the generated input, hit the play prompt button, and the text will be placed into a new ChatGPT window. The Prompt Genius add-on allows you to experiment with a wide variety of inputs. The developers have even set up their own subreddit where people may find even more ideas to work with. Please let us know if you discover anything useful when using this ChatGPT add-on.

10. Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

While its addition to ChatGPT’s AI chatbot may seem trivial, Promptheus is a Chrome addon worth installing. With this extension, you can connect your microphone to ChatGPT from any Chrome browser. The chatbot is transformed by Promptheus into a functional voice assistant on par with Siri. The Promptheus add-on floats to the right of the ChatGPT dialogue box without interfering with your typing.
Due to the ease of installation and use, this add-on needs nothing more than a press of the spacebar to get started. The microphone input improved my time spent with ChatGPT, and it may be exactly what many users need to more fluently communicate with this chatbot. Make sure your computer has a functional microphone before doing this.

Try Out Cool ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

To get the most out of ChatGPT, try installing one of the recommended Chrome extensions. The AI chatbot is enhanced by these add-ons, which make it more flexible and user-friendly. Those interested in having even more AI-supported fun might check out the top AI art generators, which provide a platform for exploration and the production of original works of art. Tell us which ChatGPT Chrome plugin you find the most useful. Leave a comment and let us know!

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