Instagram Notes Ideas: 5 Best ways Instagram Influencers and Content Creators can use the Instagram Notes Feature


Instagram Influencers and Content creators have to constantly keep themselves updated about what’s going on in social media. New features and updates influence a lot of things like their reach, engagement, etc. There’s more that goes on in the background than the simple 1-minute that all of us can see.

Instagram has recently launched a new feature called Instagram Notes that is 60 characters long and displays at the top of your DM section. Instagram Notes are short and look like a good way to get creative and grab your followers’ attention. While we definitely have Instagram Stories, Reels, and Posts, Instagram Notes can be used as a complementary to come up with more content ideas and keep your audience engaged.

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Now, there is no way to track how your “Instagram Notes” are performing but if content creators and influencers actually start trends using this feature or come up with creative ways they can incorporate Instagram Notes in their “influencing life”, then who knows, we might get that soon too. Until then, content creation is a lot about experimenting, and here are a few ways we think that the Instagram Notes feature might work well for you:

Giveaways and Contests using Instagram Notes

You can use the Instagram Notes feature to hold giveaways and contests a little unconventionally. If you have a fanbase ask them random questions using Notes and whichever follower gives the right answer, surprise them with a voucher or gift hamper, or anything you feel like. You can keep this as a surprise or you can also use your Instagram Stories to announce this so people are always on watch.

This is a great way to keep your followers engaged with your profile and also keep them hooked to it. Of course, you should plan out what you exactly want to do and how you want to do it. Keeping a series of question-and-answer rounds is also a good option as your followers know how many questions they need to get right to actually get the gift. Make sure that there is a gift because this is about the people that follow you and love you, you surely don’t want to disappoint them.

Take Suggestions and Recommendations using Instagram Notes

Here is a great idea for using the Instagram Notes feature while letting your followers know how much you value them. Followers always have some suggestions and recommendations when it comes to watching content and when you cannot figure out which video you want to create next, then you can go to them. (

Put out an Instagram Note saying, “what do you want to see next?” and see your DMs flooding with ideas and suggestions. This is a great way to try something out of the box and out of your comfort zone because sometimes our followers can see what content creators or influencers are missing out on.

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Let your Followers Direct One Day of your Life through Instagram Notes

This is an extremely fun way you can use your Instagram Notes feature. You can complement this with a new Reel or put stories throughout the day too. Simply put out a note that says, “Choose what I do today and I’ll post it on my story.” It’s a cakewalk from here. Do everything that your followers have asked you to, keeping in mind that you should be comfortable doing it and also not cross any boundaries or break any rules.

This gives you an additional piece of content and if you and your followers find it fun, you can always choose to do it again.

Let them in on your Life using the Instagram Notes Feature

This is similar to the ‘Ask me anything’ sticker available on Instagram Stories but here’s the twist. Choose which question and follower you want to answer and don’t tell anyone who’s next. Randomly reply to some DMs that you feel can go with an interesting story. This way, your followers feel special and also get to know more about you and your life.

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Using Instagram Notes to Drop Hints

Maybe there’s something huge coming in a few weeks, maybe you are collaborating with someone iconic, maybe you are being interviewed by another personality or a new video release! It could be anything that is keeping you up during the night because of excitement and so will definitely keep your followers up too.

So, do you announce it immediately? NO. Use the Instagram Notes feature to keep them hooked and excited all the time. You can put a note as simple as ” Something BIG is coming!” to a note that is actually a riddle that your followers need to solve. Whichever way you go, it will flash in front of their eyes as soon as they open their DM section.

Instagram Notes Features have been released very recently and content creators and influencers can leverage them by using unique techniques to incorporate them into their profiles.

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