Reel in the Festivities: Top Diwali Instagram Audios of 2023


As the much-anticipated Diwali festival of 2023 draws near, Instagram enthusiasts are eagerly preparing to infuse a dose of creativity into their celebrations through the latest and hottest audio tracks. Instagram reels, the popular short-form video feature, have evolved into the preferred medium for expressing festive joy and capturing the essence of cultural festivities. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of trending Instagram audios that are poised to dominate Diwali reels this year, presenting a carefully curated selection of musical gems that perfectly encapsulate the spirited atmosphere of the season.

From the timeless rhythms of traditional beats to the vibrant energy of contemporary remixes, these audios promise to not only elevate your Diwali content but also provide a harmonious and festive backdrop for your celebratory reels. Embrace the contagious fervor of the festival and discover the ideal soundtrack to amplify your Diwali celebrations on Instagram. Get ready to infuse your posts with the perfect musical touch and make your Diwali moments truly memorable on the vibrant platform!

1. What Jhumka?

The new version of the old song ‘Jhumka gira re’ from the 1966 movie ‘Mera Saaya,’ called ‘What Jhumka,’ in Karan Johar’s recent movie, ‘Rocky Aur Rani ki Prem Kahaani,’ got a lot of attention when it came out. People really liked this song. It’s a cool idea to make an Instagram video using this popular song. You can do the dance move from the song, and it might make your video very popular with likes and views. It’s a fun way to get people interested in your content!

2. With you

AP Dhillon, the Punjabi singer, featured “With You.” The music video, which stars actor Banita Sandhu, showcases stunning and exotic locations. In the video, Dhillon appears smitten and in love as he takes a romantic journey with his partner. The lyrics of the song are written by Dhillon’s frequent collaborator, Shinda Kahlon. You can use this audio to make couple reels of celebrating Diwali.

3. Zalima

Dress up in your cool Diwali outfits, and let’s make a fun reel with the song Zaalima from Raees! Show off your festive clothes in the video, it could be traditional or sparkly, whatever makes you feel awesome. While Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur sing, strike different poses and spin around to flaunt your Diwali style. Imagine you’re dancing like in the Zaalima music video! Keep it lively, and let’s make your Diwali look shine with some cool moves – easy, right? Get ready to spread those festive vibes with your fantastic Diwali reel! You can make a makeup video, dance wearing fancy costumes, etc.

4. Latoo

Latoo sang by Shreya Ghoshal is a very old song but trending these days. you can make akeup videos or make reels while you get ready for the starry Diwali night. This song is making waves all over Instagram because of its catchy music and poppy rhythm. The song is casted in Movie Gajani in 2008. But this year many famous influencers are making interesting dancing videos or funny videos. Shreya Ghoshal has put up this song to life by her magical and melodious voice.

5. Ranjhana Aaya

“RAANJHAN AAYA” is a heartfelt take on the classic Punjabi tappe, bringing the beloved tunes of “Kala Shah Kala” to life. This musical journey blends different styles and instruments, mixing the old tunes with new beats in a seamless way. The song, sung by IP Singh and rearranged by Akshay & IP, keeps the lively feel of traditional Punjabi wedding music while adding a modern twist. Thanks to extra lyrics by IP Singh, the song goes beyond borders, inviting everyone to enjoy the vibrant world of Punjabi musical heritage. It’s a beautiful fusion of the old and the new, capturing the lively spirit of Punjabi culture.

6. Kudiye ni

“Kudiye Ni” is a lively Hindi song that hit the airwaves in 2019. Sung by Aparshakti Khurana and Neeti Mohan, and composed by Tanishk Bagchi with lyrics penned by Vayu, the track found its place in the album “Kudiye Ni” released by T-Series. This romantic melody revolves around a man expressing his love for a woman, characterized by its upbeat and catchy tunes infused with a blend of traditional and modern Indian musical elements. The music video, featuring Aparshakti Khurana and Sargun Mehta, adds visual charm to the song’s vibrant energy. A testament to its popularity, “Kudiye Ni” has amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify and has found a spot in the soundtracks of various Bollywood films and TV shows, solidifying its place in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

7. Time Traveller

Time traveller by M.I.A is one of the most trending audios in 20203. The beats of the song are super catchy and it is super fast. The song is attracting huge audience and many celebrities and influencers are using this audio in the reel as it is super trending. This song is making waves all over Instagram because of its catchy music and poppy rhythm. Show off your festive clothes in the video, it could be traditional or sparkly, whatever makes you feel awesome.

As the vibrant festival of Diwali approaches in 2023, the influence of music on Instagram reels becomes ever more pronounced. The trending Instagram audios highlighted in this article provide a dynamic and diverse soundtrack for users looking to elevate their Diwali celebrations. From traditional beats to contemporary remixes, these audios encapsulate the festive spirit and offer a rhythmic canvas for creative expression. As we weave our way through the trending sounds of the season, it becomes evident that music has the power to enhance the joy and cultural richness of Diwali. So, let the beats guide your reels, and may your Instagram feed illuminate with the sparkle of celebration and the harmonious echoes of these trending Diwali audios in 2023. Happy Reeling!

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