10 Best NFT Analytics Tools That Will Boost Your NFT Portfolio like Crazy!

For NFT traders and collectors who are looking to grow their portfolios, here are 10 NFT analytics tools that will help you grow faster!


Non-Fungible Tokens have attracted a lot of attention because of the whopping rates it gets sold at! Depending on a range of factors, including the rarity of a token a non-fungible token gets sold in the market. Just because an NFT is getting super popular and even celebrities are buying it, doesn’t mean that it’s the best NFT deal you can look at.

An NFT collector or trader has multiple stats and analytics that he looks at before buying any token. Trade offers auction dates, minting deals, etc. are some factors that play a key role in the decision-making process of buying an NFT as they offer valuable insights into the activity of the NFT market. This makes NFT analytics tools the best friend of any NFT enthusiast.

Instead of searching through the web for the best tools, you can use that will help you grow your NFT portfolio, here is a list of some of the best NFT analytics tools that you can try your hands on:

1. Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics-NFT Analytics Tools

Dune Analytics Platform is quite popular for analysis and support for many blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon Gnosis Chain, etc. Another great thing about this platform is that it is absolutely free and has some remarkable features like instant data visualization, smart contract data support, etc. You can customize your dashboard using the data that you use from blockchains and also transform them into graphs. You can also find out NFT prices, top NFT collections by volume, general blockchain statistics, and a lot more.

2. Nansen

Nansen-NFT Analytics Tools

Nansen is one of the best and quite popular NFT analytics tools that you can come across. This powerful tool also gives you the best value for your money! Some of its key features include NFT rarity rankings, insights into market activity, daily and weekly reports, etc.

This tool analyzes the activity of over 100 million blockchain wallets and ranks them according to the total profit made by them. By this, you can judge how the top NFT collectors are making decisions and strategize for yourself too.

3. Rainbow Wallet

Rainbow Wallet-NFT Analytics Tools

This is one NFT analytics tool that collectors and traders who mint NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain should be looking out for. Rainbow Wallet works double-time as your portfolio tracker and it gives you the convenience of managing your wallet as well as NFT portfolios through one single application.

4. Icy Tools

Icy Tools-NFT Analytics Tools

This NFT analytics tool will help you discover and also track NFTs to understand the NFT market and help you make better decisions. Some of the features are available to use for free. This robust platform has certain features that simply cannot go unnoticed like it has one of the fastest data analytics interfaces, reporting real-time changes in volume data, sales, floor price, etc.

Icy Tools is easy to use for both beginners as well as veterans for minting NFTs. By linking your wallet, this tool also offers an in-depth transaction history for it.

5. CryptoSlam

CryptoSlam-NFT Analytics Tools

CryptoSlam is a data aggregator for everything related to NFTs. This platform will give you transparent information about the happenings in the NFT market. You can efficiently compare NFT collections using this tool and also get data on top NFT collections based on numerous variables. Another great feature that it offers is the upcoming drops feature where you can browse through new drops and also track upcoming NFT collections.

6. Uniq

Uniq-NFT Analytics Tools

While Uniq doesn’t offer many exquisite features but it leverages the power of data to give users insights into NFT sales and whale activity in the marketplace. This free NFT analytics tool aptly uses data to help collectors invest in top NFT projects. It is also great for tracking top 24-hour floor changes. It features a ranking page that gets updated regularly and has more than 25,000 projects in its database.

7. Ninjalerts

Ninjalerts-NFT Analytics Tools

Ninjalerts is an analytics tool that sends you real-time alerts or notifications whenever there are NFT drops, ongoing auctions, minting deals, etc. This is perfect for NFT enthusiasts who cannot stay in front of their screens all the time. You can also set up your custom alerts and you can receive notifications on Chrome, iOS, and Android too.

8. BitDegree

BitDegree-NFT Analytics Tools

BitDegree is like an educational platform that aggregates data and lets you analyze NFT collections by tracking metrics like top NFT sales, top collections, top NFT marketplaces, etc. It has a directory of 352 NFT collections that users can look into. You can also apply to various courses and scholarships that are based off the blockchain.

9. NFT OnChained

NFT OnChained-NFT Analytics Tools

Here’s a blend of artificial intelligence and NFTs. With NFT OnChained, you can review, analyze and report statistics of the NFT marketplace with the help of AI. Where most tools will give you insights and rankings on the best-performing collections, this tool focuses on monitoring the market that get you the best bargains. In order to help NFT traders and collectors take better decisions, this tool supports NFT ranking and scores. You can also evaluate key performance metrics to better weigh your choices.

10. Compass Art

Compass Art-NFT Analytics Tools

This NFT analytics tool will help you spot great NFT collections before the world starts flocking there and also guide you in timing your buy/sell. Compass Art also provides other features like tracking whales, tracking your portfolio, custom alerts, sales and trading reports, etc. All in all, Compass will help you become an NFT expert from an NFT enthusiast.

The NFT market is growing and with technology picking up pace, it is also rapidly changing every day. Researchers and experts are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate NFTs into various sectors. These NFT analytics tools will surely come in handy for any NFT enthusiast who is constantly looking to invest and grow his/her portfolio.

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