Gamechanger Chronicles: Kamaljeet Singh’s Esports Legacy


Step into the amazing world of esports where Kamaljeet Singh, a gaming sensation, has carved his niche as a true superstar. Kamaljeet, often hailed as a gaming maestro, has become a household name in the gaming community, winning hearts with his exceptional skills and strategic brilliance. From his humble beginnings navigating the complexities of video games to scaling the heights of international acclaim, Kamaljeet Singh’s journey is a riveting tale of dedication, perseverance, and triumph.

As a celebrated gamer, Kamaljeet has not only dominated virtual battlefields but has emerged as an inspiring figure for budding esports enthusiasts worldwide. His story is a testament to the fusion of talent, unwavering commitment, and an indomitable spirit. With numerous victories in prestigious gaming competitions, Kamaljeet has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive gaming landscape.

In this exclusive interview, we delve deeper into the mind of Kamaljeet Singh, exploring the strategies that set him apart, the challenges he faced on his path to success, and the exhilarating triumphs that define his extraordinary career. From the adrenaline-fueled moments of intense gameplay to the behind-the-scenes aspects of the esports world, we unravel the layers of Kamaljeet’s fascinating journey, inviting readers to discover the passion and dedication that fuel the life of a true gaming champion. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the thrilling universe of gaming with the one and only Kamaljeet Singh.

What are your views on banning PubG and relaunching it as BGMI?

So firstly thank you for having me here and yeah it was very unfortunate the game got banned because of course the tensions between India Chinese was the main reason. And because of that many applications which are Chinese they got banned. But you know we Gamers. were very much hardcore into Competitive Gaming content creation like we were getting good numbers on Social media, it is only because of pubg and we were desperately waiting and the numbers again started to increase. Everybody started to go like you know in big big numbers of course as a business point of view. Coming from my background like it was very much needed for the market because India has a very very great potential in terms of generating money. Of course lockdown was a taboo for everyone but everybody started playing games so yeah gaming scenario BGMI currently the game has relaunched with a better version called as Battlegrounds mobile IND and India of course the Publishers are Korean based. No more Chinese attachments and it is from South Korea now so yeah things have been going very very well. I shouldn’t be talking about the cons but yes, first thing is getting addicted to anything and if anyone watching this should be certain be talking about getting addicted and supervision. Keeping a third thing is like you know physically at least for half an hour hour so yeah basic I don’t see as long it is helping you make money then that is ok!

Compared to other countries, where do we stand in gaming?

Gaming has two segments, First is the competitive side, the second is like in a global market. Global Market India, like you know everybody wants to enter into that. Every foreign entity wants to enter Market but in terms of eSports, India was about to reach the top five globally, which is the highest achievement so far in the tournament, but in terms of making business point of view, we globally stand in top three in mobile market gaming. Currently without any doubt it is BGMI but it also goes hand in hand with free fire. It will be second option because so recently the announcement had come that the game is there are many many big big YouTubers who have grown their channel from zero subscribers to 32 million subscribers just because of one single game that is free so free fire also has a very great potential globally.

We had heard about Blue Whale. It was very horrifying news to be very honest the kids took it seriously and do you think certain measures should have been taken?

As I mentioned in the start, supervision, even if you are playing game or your child is playing games, they started doing things, they were physically harming themselves, how can somebody do!Big question! Every parent who’s reading this, if you know, help them, support them for the future. The best example I can give you is, us with global Esports. we have the youngest content creator in the country who is 8 year old kid who is running very good with good following. His parents shifted from Delhi to Mumbai just to ensure his career in gaming is getting start right from the age of six, and he’s good, like you know he can’t do brand endorsement because certain see average again Esports, is very good. He is in the upper level Pro players.

The average the salary starts from 80,000 and can go up to 4-5 Lakhs a month. That’s a big amount very big amount in terms of content creators, so they keep getting brand endorsement. There are streaming platforms and many are about to come into India which if you stream on their platform, so on an average even they earn around 4 to 5 lakhs a month.

one advice for your from your side to anyone is starting his career in gaming industry or wants to start .

My advice is just be focused on this and yes you can be a Star but for that you need to give 100% First thing is patience second thing is non-stop dedication third thing comes is your education. Education and gaming should always go hand in hand keep grinding,

How can we start gaming career?

If you want to start and your parents are not supporting whatever happens, you should never go against your parents. It is our right, our job to educate them so it took me almost good 8 years to convince my parents that I need to pursue my career in Gaming.

To sum it up, Kamaljeet Singh’s journey in the world of gaming is really cool and motivating. He became a big deal because he’s super good at playing games and works really hard. It’s not just about winning for him; it’s about loving what he does. After our chat, it’s clear that Kamaljeet is like a hero for people who love gaming. His story shows that if you love something and put in the effort, you can become a star in it. Kamaljeet Singh’s adventures in gaming will keep inspiring others who dream of making it big in the exciting world of competitive gaming.

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