Staying Safe When Gaming Online Using Crypto


Crypto tokens have impacted every element of our daily lives over the last few years, and it has become apparent there’s no going back. It won’t surprise industry insiders and those who have invested heavily in cryptocurrencies over the last decade. But crypto is here to stay, and its influence will grow and strengthen. Are you ready to embrace it?

You can purchase almost any goods today using crypto. From cinema tickets to paying for dinner and investing in the most popular tokens like Bitcoin. Buy at the swipe of a screen using crypto. It’s instant, user-friendly, and incredibly secure. ( All transactions are protected on both sides of the counter, guarded by your crypto token provider and the seller’s terms and conditions.

One area where crypto has exploded onto the scene is gaming. From wagering at the top sports betting sites to making in-game purchases while playing Fortnight, Bitcoin is an increasingly popular option. But how do you use crypto to place bets or enjoy gaming responsibly? You want to enjoy the convenience of crypto payments with the protection and ease of debit card transactions.

Understanding the journey

In this article, our team of crypto experts and sports enthusiasts explain Bitcoin’s journey into online gambling and gambling. We focus on the recent surge in esports players and how crypto payments satisfy their need for speed, convenience, and security. Understanding how crypto entered gaming will help explain where it’s headed and what’s next in online gambling and crypto, two fast-growing sectors.

The more you understand these areas of business, the greater chance of you enjoying success in online gaming and crypto. Both industries have enjoyed similar growth post-pandemic, improving at breakneck speeds. Both are showing no signs of slowing, and the future is bright. But how do you get involved?

Our writers aim to keep you updated on the most recent developments. But to achieve that, we must look at the fuller picture. Keep reading as we explain the crypto gaming journey, what the future could hold, the pros and cons of using Bitcoin for gaming, and how you can start using crypto for betting on sports using your smartphone.

Crypto’s rise

Crypto may seem like an overnight sensation, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cryptocurrencies are a volatile market that has been around for many years and has grown and fallen. Most people only notice crypto when it’s in the news for rising values, and we wish we had invested or making headlines following another nosedive, and we’re glad we ignored the hype. 

In truth, crypto is forged in fire. It has faced criticism from all angles but has persevered, improving and building year after year. Today, it boasts the highest online security measures of any payment method, offering users multiple layers of protection.

Those already involved in crypto know it’s a constantly evolving market. The top apps are updated several times a month, ensuring users are protected, transactions remain private, and transfers are swift.

Esports arrival

We now know crypto prides itself on being responsive, fluid, secure, and user-friendly. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it has found the online gaming industry to be a willing and valuable ally. It’s a perfect match and a pairing that has already reaped the rewards for vendors, consumers, gaming providers, and crypto tokens.

Like Bitcoin, esports is fast-paced, energetic, and famous, but with an overriding need to be secure. Without the latest and greatest online security measures, neither crypto nor esports would survive much longer. Thankfully, those in charge understand this and work tirelessly to create a safe place to play.

Esports is another industry that popped up following the COVID-19 pandemic when more people were at home without professional sports to follow on TV. But that’s only half the story. Major online sportsbooks have supported esports for years through sponsorship, advertising, and betting. The leading bookies spotted esports’ potential early and quickly paired it with crypto betting or gaming.

Bitcoin - crypto

Pros and cons

There are many benefits to using crypto to fund your esports predictions or in-game purchases. The most impressive feature is the speed, which applies to deposited and withdrawn funds. All deposits are instant, allowing you to add funds to your gaming account from your Bitcoin account and play without delay. 

Withdrawals of winnings are also instant, while cash sent to debit cards and e-wallets can take several days to clear. Ideal when gaming, as any delay could cost you a place in a tournament, online purchase of a rare collectible, or the best odds when betting.

The speed and ease of using Bitcoin for your online payments is a major factor in driving new business, but it’s also been a victim of its success. Online crypto payments are so easy that some need help monitoring their spending or sticking to a budget properly. Whatever your attraction, online gaming or gambling, and regardless of your payment methods, crypto, e-wallets, or cards, you must create a strict budget.

How to game online with Bitcoin

Gaming online or making in-game purchases is easy using Bitcoin. Enter your crypto digits when adding a payment method to your gaming account. You can add a Bitcoin account as quickly as a debit card at the best apps.

Go to the member’s area, click deposit, then select a debit card or e-wallet like PayPal, Skrill, or Crypto. Enter your details and the amount you wish to deposit. Your card information is verified, and if everything is good, the transfer goes through.

Staying protected

Both your crypto and gaming account provider offers state-of-the-art online protection, but you can do a few things to add more bulk to your security.

Stick to the basics. When creating a gaming account, select a username and password that’s memorable to you but not so apparent it could be hacked. Stick to a weekly or monthly budget, never use a shared computer, and don’t post account details on social media through screenshots of winners.

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