ChatGPT now has a ‘read aloud’ feature: Here’s how it works

OpenAI has introduced an exciting new feature to ChatGPT of reading aloud its responses in 5 different voices


OpenAI has added a cool new feature to ChatGPT– it can now read its answers out loud in five different voices! You can try it out on the web version of ChatGPT or on the iOS and Android apps.

What’s the read-aloud option all about?

The read-aloud option is very helpful for users who are on the go and want to hear the answers to their inquiries. Remarkably, the new feature can automatically determine the language of the conversation in order to provide the necessary output. It is accessible in 37 distinct languages. Users will now be able to instruct ChatGPT to always respond verbally to conversations.

Furthermore, the new ChatGPT read aloud option is not only available to premium users; it can also be used by GPT 3.5 users at no additional cost.

OpenAI announced the feature in a post on X, saying, “ChatGPT can now read your responses. To read the message aloud on iOS or Android, press and hold it, then select “Read Aloud.” We’ve also got things going on the web; just select “Read Aloud” from the menu below the message.

Here’s how you can use ChatGPT’s new read aloud feature

  • Open ChatGPT on your web browser, Android phone, or iOS device.
  • Type a text prompt in any language you prefer.
  • Wait for ChatGPT to respond to your prompt.
  • Tap and hold on ChatGPT’s response, then select the “Read Aloud” option.
Read Aloud option now available in ChatGPT

When you tap and hold on ChatGPT’s response and select the “Read Aloud” option, a Read Aloud player will appear at the top of the screen. This player allows you to control the playback of the verbal response.

You can play the response to hear it aloud, pause it if you need to stop listening temporarily, and even fast forward or rewind to skip or replay specific parts. This feature gives you full control over how you listen to ChatGPT’s responses, making it easier to follow along or review information as needed.

In Conclusion

In September 2023, OpenAI first introduced speech capabilities for ChatGPT, marking a significant advancement in its functionality. Since then, the chatbot has undergone numerous modifications and updates aimed at enhancing the end-user experience.

These modifications have included improvements to the speech synthesis technology, making the voices more natural and engaging. Additionally, OpenAI has worked to optimize the performance of ChatGPT, ensuring that it can handle a wide range of queries and provide accurate and helpful responses in a timely manner.

Overall, the introduction of speech capabilities and subsequent updates have made ChatGPT a more versatile and user-friendly tool, capable of providing valuable assistance across a variety of tasks and applications.

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