You will be banned from Facebook if you break these three rules


Facebook now known as Meta, has been a pioneer among social media platforms. It has now existed for well over a decade and in this decade there have been multiple controversies surrounding the app.

From frequent data breaches to the company’s decision of not fact-checking ads for politicians, the company has faced its fair share of wrath from the public as well as the media world. Over the past few years, the company has had to make numerous changes in its policy. 

As recently as last month, the company settled a lawsuit that stated that its product has had harmful effects on young people all across America. Another lawsuit talked about the discriminatory housing ads which the company was showing. With all of these things in the back of their mind, the last thing they would need is another controversy.

The company’s policy is such that it tries to keep everyone happy. There is also some rigidity to its structure and you will need to follow certain rules to make sure that your account stays on the platform. The first rule is about not changing your name.

Facebook doesn’t want you to play smart with the names unless and until it’s a page. The rule clearly states that you should use a name that your friends and family call you by, in everyday life. Things such as symbols or numbers or capitalization on unnecessary words are not allowed. Although you should know that unless your username is downright derogatory, Facebook probably won’t notice.

“The name used in the profile should be the one which is used in your official documents as well”

Another rule that the company has made very clear if you don’t want your account to get deactivated is to use your account enough. The time frame after which Facebook removes your account is unknown but the company is trying to reduce the number of bot users on their platform. As per the rules, you will get a warning e-mail and your account will be temporarily disabled, following which if you don’t take any action, your account will be permanently deleted. 

Nudity and Sexually Suggestive posts are also a big no-no on the platform. It is obvious that no social media site wants nude pictures on its site. Throughout the years, Facebook has worked hard on its policies and fact-checkers to make sure that the distinction between sexual and non-sexual is as clear as day. Pictures of genitalia are strictly prohibited unless it’s a picture of a child being born or breastfed. Female nipples too are banned if the picture in question does not signify a medical or health reason.

At the end of the day, it’s a platform where tons of data are uploaded as well as deleted every second which makes it impossible for the detection technology to be precise every time. A lot of the time wrong accounts are banned after which these accounts need to contact Facebook through email to retrieve their account.

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