Elon Musk: ‘Mark my words — A.I. is far more dangerous than nukes’


Elon Musk has never got tired of criticizing Artificial intelligence and always has highlighted the risk that we are pulling towards humanity by using AI tools. He believes AI is an existential threat to humanity and is super scared of the future of AI and humanity. In his recent tweet, he has compared it to nuclear weapons. He further added that he has seen numerous technologies develop in his lifetime, but none with this level of risk.

In his tweet, Musk said,

“I’ve seen quite a few technologies develop, but none with this level of risk. AGI is significantly higher risk than nuclear weapons, in my opinion. Super smart humans have trouble imagining something vastly smarter than themselves.”

Musk was responding to a tweet from his ex-wife and Westworld actor, Talulah Riley. She shared a post of MIT professor Max Tegmark who is also sceptical about the impact of AI and the imminent threat of the technology that humans are willfully ignoring.

Tegmark has differentiated the situation from the plot of the movie “Don’t Look Up” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. He claims that the situation is very similar to an extinction-level event where an asteroid is moving toward Earth.

The film is mainly delierated as a satire of human beings’ response to climate change. However, Tegmark claims that it fits even better in the case of AI development. Tegmark claimed that a survey showed that half of AI researchers give AI at least a 10 per cent chance of causing human extinction.

Elon Musk was one of the founding members of OpenAI, ChatGPT’s maker, to the public. However, he resigned from OpenAI in 2018 to attend to matters at Tesla. Musk has been extremely vocal about OpenAI moving out of the non-profit model and heavy investments from Microsoft.

In response to the quick development of the GPT-4 model, Musk, Tegmark, Professor Stuart Russell, Steve Wozniak and thousands of experts and celebrities have signed a petition to halt the development of GPT-5. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI has assured that the company is currently focusing on GPT-4. Musk’s latest tweet resurfaces the fundamental questions surrounding AI and its potential risks.

According to him, AI is the real existential risk to humankind and people should not cherish that. He also asked the government department to take preventive and proactive steps before it is too late. He is working hard to save the world from AI, as a result, he wants the technologies to be developed responsibly and with proper vision and oversight. He wants the government to develop teams and take a look over it. He also said that if the government can’t, then he is ready to take charge by himself. In the past few years, Elon has spent enormous resources on tech industries that are responsible for the development of intelligent machinery. However, he is considered working on technology that would give humankind acceleration in a possible AI catastrophe.

Elon Musk believes AI is the most dangerous warning for humanity. He says he is not against digital transformation but when it is about AI he has a very constrating view. He also claimed to be careful about the advancement of AI. He says, robust AI systems is a more significant mistake that can result in threatening conditions for humanity. Elon Musk believes adopting AI is like “Summoning the Demon”.  He believes that artificial intelligence can give rise to the next world war and result in dominating the world and also believes that robot leadership is a threat to the world. He also warns that the world will never be able to escape when those intelligent AIs will become deathless authoritarians. One of his statements included that

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