Experts say AI could cause Human Extinction anytime soon!


In a recent installment of the thought-provoking lecture series ‘Life, Science, and Everything,’ Dr. Shekhar Mande, a distinguished scientist and former Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, looked into a variety of crucial topics. One particularly intriguing aspect of his discourse revolved around a survey. The survey focused on the subject of human extinction and provided some remarkable insights.

During his presentation, Dr. Mande highlighted the insights provided by domain experts who have scrutinized the potential causes of human extinction. Artificial intelligence emerged as a compelling and thought-provoking contender for the primary factor behind such an event. This concept stirred contemplation about the implications of advanced AI systems and their possible outcomes for humanity.

Furthermore, the discourse extended to discuss another grave concern, the specter of nuclear conflict between nations. Dr. Mande emphasized that this perilous scenario, often fueled by political tensions and global power dynamics, could potentially lead to dire consequences for the human species.

On a related note, the lecture touched upon the threat posed by virulent viruses like SARS-CoV and its kin. Dr. Mande elucidated the vulnerability of humanity to such pathogens and their potential to spark widespread devastation, urging the audience to consider the importance of preparedness and vigilance in the face of these microbial adversaries.

In this very informative lecture series, Dr. Mande’s insights served as a clarion call for humanity to contemplate the potential trajectories that lay ahead. His exploration of artificial intelligence, nuclear conflict, and viral threats invited contemplation about the delicate balance between progress, security, and the preservation of our species.

Humans have come a long way with science and technology, making awesome things like computers that think like us, which we call AI. But as we get smarter, some worrying thoughts pop up. Could AI end up causing big problems for us and even making us extinct? We have studied and found out a few major reasons that might cause human extinction.

The rise of Smart Computers

AI sounds fancy, but it’s really about computers being super smart. These smart machines are everywhere now, they help doctors, drive cars, and even tell you what shows to watch. They’re great for making our lives easier, but we need to be careful.

AI’s accidental mistakes

The big worry is that super smart AI might do things we don’t want. Imagine a computer trying to do its job super well, but it ends up doing something really bad for us. It’s like when a helpful robot spills juice everywhere because it tried too hard to pour it perfectly. In the same way, AI could do things that hurt us without even meaning to.

AI and really bad wars

Now, think about big, dangerous wars with lots of bombs. If we let AI control those bombs, things could get out of hand. AI might misunderstand something and set off bombs by mistake, or bad people might hack into AI systems and cause a disaster. That’s why we need humans to always be in charge of these dangerous things.

Sickening viruses in a small world

We live in a world where people and ideas travel really fast. That’s awesome, but it also means diseases can spread quickly. Even though doctors are doing their best, a super strong and contagious virus could show up and spread everywhere. This could make lots of people very sick, and that’s a big worry.

What we can do

To make sure AI doesn’t cause our problems, we need to be careful when building it. We should teach AI what’s right and wrong and make sure it understands us well. And when it comes to dangerous stuff like bombs, humans should always have the final say. For viruses, we need to keep working on good healthcare and be ready to act fast if something bad happens.

AI has the power to make our lives better, but we have to be smart about how we use it. We need to keep an eye on AI so it doesn’t accidentally hurt us. And when it comes to really dangerous things, like bombs and viruses, we need to remember that human control is super important. By being careful and making good choices, we can make sure that AI doesn’t lead us down a scary path to extinction. The future is in our hands!

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