Google Loses to TikTok to Become the World’s Most Popular Website in 2021


With an estimated 10 billion monthly users, TikTok will be the most popular website in the world by 2021. In terms of popularity, TikTok has surpassed technology giants such as Google, Twitter, Meta, and Apple and has become the world’s most popular website. An analysis released by the web performance and security firm Cloudflare revealed that TikTok will overtake Google in terms of traffic in 2021. 

This year’s top 10 most popular domains or websites were listed in Cloudflare’s Year in Review internet traffic ranking report. In 2020, Google remained the undisputed leader with its Maps, Photos, Translate, and Books platforms. However, climbed from seventh place to break Google’s grip. According to the report, the global rankings for TikTok peaked on February 17 this year. In March and June, the platform saw an even larger surge in traffic. Short-video platform uber-people established itself as the #1 spot in the following weeks.

TikTok surpassed Facebook as the world’s most downloaded app earlier this year despite being permanently banned in India and facing backlash in the US. As reported by the New York Times, the short-video platform has also become a “holy grail for marketers” who want to target the Gen-Z demographic. Additionally, advertisers invest more on TikTok than on any other platform, such as Facebook, Instagram or Meta’s Instagram, due to hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

TikTok’s reputation is due to its diverse content that is shared across many different communities around the world, which is why it amasses huge amounts of online traffic. TikTok is available in almost every region, so you can find content on nearly every topic. Among the topics covered here are memes, life hacks, cooking tips, chemistry, and more. With such a diversity of content, we’ve attracted users from all sectors, communities, and ages.

Increasing TikTok’s reach in the market will enable it to cater to more audiences and users in the future. Currently, TikTok is testing its desktop streaming service, TikTok Live Studio, as well as food delivery service in the market.

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