Lights, Camera, Laughter: Rehman Khan’s Story


Sociobits is thrilled to have the incredible stand-up comedian and actor, Mr. Rehman Khan, join us for an exclusive interview. Known for his uproarious humor and versatile performances, Mr. Khan has become a household name, bringing laughter to audiences worldwide.

In this interview, we look into the life and experiences of this comedic maestro, uncovering the inspirations behind his humor and the fascinating journey that has endeared him to fans everywhere. Get ready for a candid and entertaining conversation with one of the brightest stars in the world of comedy and acting!

Let’s discuss his journey, his childhood, and other interesting topics with him in this interview below. Also for similar celebrity stories, we have interviewed Mr. Abhijeet Sawant, Mr. Melvin Louis, etc. You can check out the entire podcast on our YouTube channel.

How was your childhood?

My childhood was amazing. I come from a Muslim family. Nobody in my entire family ever spoke about comedy, acting, etc. I am the black sheep of my family who broke all the barriers. I even started my career in acting without any knowledge from my parents. I had to hide this thing from my family. My dad doubts me regarding this and is worried that I am doing something absolutely wrong. After some time, he got to know about my things. It is often said that the seed we plant in childhood is the plant you see in adulthood. So, I remember in my 8th grade, we had a fun period where you had to show any of your hobbies like singing, dancing, etc. Everybody used to laugh and enjoy that time. So, during that time, I used to enjoy the kind of attention and importance given to me. I used to imitate singers and make everybody laugh. when I joined college, I started taking parts in acting competitions, etc. I used to host annual functions, etc. I got a lot of complements for that, and I used to enjoy it. Later, this turned into passion.

What made you enter Comedy?

As a passion, it was secondary, but I believe I have had funny bone since the start. I was that guy in the group who was the funniest one. I will tell you one interesting thing. In my school, we used to have half pants until the 7th grade. We used to feel super underconfident. The day I wore full pants, my confidence level reached the sky, and I felt like I was grown up. I was a quiet and shy boy before 8th grade. Then I started taking part more often. Even during college, I was super popular. To be honest, today I am less funny than I was before. I feel it is a very shitty thing to carry you as a celebrity. With that baggage, speaking less and not being super funny becomes a task. Otherwise, I had a very cool personality and was super funny. My dad has a great sense of humor. I have this thing in my system in heredity. My dad during my childhood was a cool dude.

As you are from Mumbai, how do you feel about Mumbai?

Mumbai is love; Mumbai is life. The vibe of Mumbai is so strong that no other place would be comfortable for you. Once you accept Mumbai, you will not like any other place. You have business, you have other works, you have Bollywood—everything is here. Even at 4 a.m. in Mumbai, you will get something to eat. Mumbai is available 24/7 for you. Mumbai puts challenges on you; if you accept it and move forward with it, Mumbai will accept you. If you have skills, you will never sleep hungry.

What connects you more to Kurla?

I would like to say that I spent my childhood in Kurla. I was born in the holy land of Kurla. People have a strange attitude and a different swag there. I recently met a person from Kurla, and he was my fan. He did not request me for a photograph; he ordered me for it. The language is super different. It is humorous. People are super witty, right from the shopkeeper to a little kid playing. It is a life! The lifestyle is super active. Even in lockdown, everything was normal. Nobody cared about anything. They did not even care about the COVID virus. I still visit Kurla to feel the vibe. People make me feel good there. Nobody feels disrespected, and nobody makes you feel low. People there are not at all sophisticated, and they are happy with that. Kurla people have codewords for a lot of things. They have slangs dedicated to behavior.

What are your thoughts on today’s standup comedians who make fun of somebody, do body shaming, etc?

Joking and making a joke about someone are two different things. It is the duty of a comedian to notice the drawbacks of society. Today, the time has changed. People do not accept body shaming, but still, many people do it. Racism should not be initiated. Don’t make someone feel bad about themselves. Grilling someone by just joking is acceptable unless you are judging them. You should know the limits. People often get offended by anything you might say on the internet. Comedians should know what type of language he is using and where he is using it. You should not make anyone feel sad. The audience should also know what to consume and how to consume it.

A famous personality is talked about everywhere on TRP. The media uses that name to gain attention. I have worked with Kapil since the start. He has always been a good friend to me. Then, at a moment, we both got busy with our own work. Sometimes we both meet. He is super talented, and the success he has today is because of his determined hard work and talent. And I think he was controversial because of his name and fame. For me personally, his behavior was really good. He has always been respectful toward me. Controversies happen with almost everyone.

Apart from your acting and comedy career, you are very active on social media as well. How has social media helped you grow?

Today, social media is a necessity. I was never on social media. I used to like YouTube as I started making content. I joined Instagram very late. People told me Instagram in today’s world is very important. Then I started posting videos. Later, a couple of videos bloomed. Today, apart from YouTube, people check your Instagram. Everybody first checks the count of followers for anybody they see on TV or any other show. So I believe social media is a very great platform for showcasing your talent to the world. The entire Bollywood is on Instagram. I am just coming up with a lot of poems, rants, etc. for my social media.

As we wrap up our chat with the awesome Mr. Rehman Khan, it’s clear that his journey in comedy and acting is a real-deal mix of talent and sticking with it. Whether he’s cracking up crowds on stage or rocking it on the big screen, Mr. Khan has left a big mark on the entertainment scene. We got the lowdown on what makes him tick, where he gets his funny bone mojo, and the twists and turns of his wild ride. Big thanks to Mr. Rehman Khan for shooting the breeze with us. We’re pumped for more laughs and good times from him, keeping the entertainment scene lively and kicking!

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