How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash or Cash Deposit in a few easy steps


If you ever wondered can you buy Bitcoins with cash? Then the answer is YES! And it’s not that difficult. Hover through this article to learn how you can buy Bitcoins with cash.

There are several ways to purchase Bitcoin. Using an online exchange or brokerage is the most popular and practical way to buy Bitcoin. However, some customers prefer to pay in cash. It’s easier than it would seem to purchase Bitcoin with cash.

Here are a few ways to buy bitcoins with cash or cash deposit :

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges, where users connect directly through a transparent method, enable peers to trade digital currency without the involvement of a middleman like a bank. To prevent duplicate transactions, each computer in the peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange network must approve a cryptocurrency trade. The leading P2P bitcoin exchanges are always adding new cryptocurrency buying options.

How Does a P2P Crypto Exchange Work?

A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where users can exchange cryptocurrencies privately with one another without the aid of a middleman, such as a bank.

P2P cryptocurrency exchanges let verified individuals trade assets without any hassles. A P2P model enables users to deal with one another directly without the need for a go-between to hold funds or carry out transactions, as opposed to employing an order book to pair purchase and sell orders and manage the platform’s assets. (Phentermine)

You must register for an account and provide identification proof in order to purchase and sell on a P2P market. Then, according to the platform you select, you might have to go through more identity verification. From there, trading with other users is only a few clicks away.

Below are a few platforms you can use:


WazirX is an automatic peer-to-peer exchange in India that supports trading in all varieties of cryptocurrencies. Even though WazirX is widely regarded as India’s most dependable peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, Binance actually bought WazirX in November 2019. The platform’s 24-hour trading volume was $153 million as of December 2021. This demonstrates that the P2P platform has a lot of liquidity, making it simple for users to conduct trades. WazirX does not provide trading in other stablecoins, unlike some of the greatest P2P crypto exchanges. With regard to the fiat on-ramp, it accepts eight different fiat currencies, from Turkish Liras to Indian Rupees, and charges no marker or taker fees.

On the official website, click Sign Up to finish the registration form. You can typically make a deposit in less than five minutes after having your email verified. When you click on Funds, a simple screen where you can deposit and withdraw your assets appears. To purchase something on WazirX, select P2P at the top of the screen and enter the desired quantity. After that, click Place Buy Order to start looking for sellers.


LocalBitcoins provides an easy option for customers to purchase cryptocurrency in minutes. As a prominent peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, one of its distinct advantages is that it works to connect local buyers and sellers, promoting in-person encounters for those who are interested. The business also maintains this simplicity in its transaction costs, which are set at a flat 1 percent for all trades for sellers. Users can send money for free to the wallets of other LocalBitcoins users.

Click on Sign Up Free and complete the form to create an account, which will allow you to start trading right away. Any information you’re looking for is precisely where you expect it will be on the entire website, which is simple to navigate. It’s free to purchase cryptocurrency on this peer-to-peer exchange, which also accepts payments by PayPal, cash, and wire transfers.

Purchase Bitcoins with a Bitcoin ATM

Use these easy steps to convert cash to bitcoin via a bitcoin ATM:

  1. Visit a Bitcoin ATM and scan the QR code containing the address of your Bitcoin wallet. BTC will be delivered directly to this address. The machine may generate a paper wallet in some instances.
  2. Depending on the design of the ATMs and their manufacturers, you will probably be required to scan your fingerprint or submit any other form of identification.
  3. You must enter the number of Bitcoins you wish to buy (you can also enter the amount of fiat currency you want to spend).
  4. Finally, you have to put the money in and wait a very little period of time for your BTC to arrive at the address of your Bitcoin wallet.

It can be alluring to invest in a well-known cryptocurrency, particularly when its price is surging. Although it might be a profitable investment, you should exercise caution: A significant portion of your investment funds shouldn’t be devoted to it because it is such an unpredictable purchase, according to experts.

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