Which Crypto whales hold the largest stash of Bitcoins in the world? (2022)

From asset management companies to clean energy companies, here are 10 crypto whales that hold the largest share of bitcoins in the world.


A growing number of companies have been buying Bitcoin recently. Crypto whales are known as the companies that hold more than $1 million worth of crypto in their wallets. They have found multiple reasons to do so, some doing it to fight inflation whereas others are calling it a liquid asset that is rising in value. Following are the top public companies that hold the highest number of Bitcoin:


10. Riot Blockchain, Inc

Riot Blockchain is a Bitcoin Mining Company. It focuses on supporting the Bitcoin Blockchain through large-scale industrial-scale mining. Riot’s mining facility in Whitestone US is the largest mining facility in the USA and North America. The majority of its Bitcoin holdings have actually come from mining and are not actually bought. Riot is also a listed company on NASDAQ and is currently traded at $11.85.

CURRENT VALUE: $47,687,946
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.006%

9. Voyager Digital Ltd.

Voyage Digital is a crypto-asset broker and provides customers with its digital platform where customers can buy and sell crypto assets from multiple centralized marketplaces. The company is actually based in Canada but is operating in US through its subsidiaries. Voyager also provides Crypto payment solutions for both merchants and customers around the world through its subsidiary Coinify ApS

CURRENT VALUE: $50,285,417
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.006%

8. Nexon Co Ltd.

Nexon Co Ltd is a South Korean Gaming company that is headquartered in Japan. It specializes in online PC and mobile games. It bought Bitcoin worth $100,000,000 in Apr 2021 at an average price of $58,000 and used only 2% of its company reserves on the purchases.

CURRENT VALUE: $69,685,279
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.008%

7. Coinbase

Coinbase is an American-based Cryptocurrency exchange and is the largest one at that considering its trading volume. Coinbase currently owns 4,483 Bitcoins. It is a distributed company, which means that there is no headquarters for the company, instead, employees are supposed to work from their homes. The company was founded in 2012, aiming at making sending and receiving Bitcoin easy and reliable from anywhere.

CURRENT VALUE: $181,944,732
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.021%

6. Hut 8 Mining Corp

As the name suggests, Hut 8 is a digital assets mining company based in Toronto, Canada. Interestingly, all its Bitcoins are self-mined by the company, making it the world’s largest self-mined Bitcoin reserve. The company is listed on both Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

CURRENT VALUE: $191,725,834
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.022%

5. Marathon Digital Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings is a Digital assets technology company, focusing on generating Digital Assets through mining. The company was formerly known as Marathon Patent Group, which was a patent-holding company in the past. The US-based company now aims to create the largest Bitcoin mining operation in North America. The company bought $150,000,000 worth of Bitcoins in January 2021, and at the time was generating 2 BTCs per day through its mining operations.

CURRENT VALUE: $195,337,942
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.023%

4. Block Inc.

Formerly known as Square Inc. is a financial services company based in California, USA. It provides financial solutions to small, mid, and large-sized businesses. It was founded by Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and partner Jim Mckelvey in 2009. For 2021, 57% of Square’s revenue came from Bitcoin transactions. It first bought 4,709 BTC in Oct 2020 for just $50 million, and again added 3,318 more BTCs in Feb 2021 for a whopping $170 million. It has successfully enabled hardware and software wallets for cryptocurrency payments for its consumers.

CURRENT VALUE: $325,779,693
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.038%

3. Galaxy Digital Holdings

Galaxy Digital Holdings is a financial services and asset management company. It offers services in cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology sector. The company also has a significant holding in Ethereum token, around $250 million, as of Oct 2021, the reason for holding ETH was to provide ETH funds for investors, even Goldman Sachs has been offering Galaxy’s ETH fund for holding ETH on spot.

CURRENT VALUE: $665,683,135
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.078%

2. Tesla

It may come as a surprise that Tesla does not have the largest Bitcoin holding among all publicly owned companies. It had made headlines in Feb 2021, when Tesla announced that it is buying BTC worth $1.5 Billion, and later sold 10% of its holdings to prove it as a liquid asset and to take off some profits.

CURRENT VALUE: $1,728,000,000
(Considering $40,000 per BTC)
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.078%

1. MicroStrategy Inc.

MicroStrategy takes the reigns with its largest Bitcoin Stash of 129,218 BTCs. It has been gradually increasing its BTC holding since Aug 2020. MicroStrategy is a business analytics firm that specializes in providing business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor had urged all corporate leaders of the world to invest in BTC and tried proving all its upsides early last year. Even Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk took cues from Michael before its first-ever BTC purchase.

CURRENT VALUE: $5,244,375,281
% of TOTAL BTC SUPPLY:0.615%

Bitcoin has been wildly popular among crypto whales. Cryptocurrencies often come across as a popular investment asset as compared to cash or anything else which is why crypto whales look into buying more of them.

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