How to Separate Facebook and Instagram Accounts in 2022


Do you want to keep your Facebook and Instagram accounts separate? That might be a challenge. Instagram can be useful and fun, but Facebook and Instagram seem to be joined at the hip. Your Facebook friends will appear on your Instagram suggestions. Your Instagram contacts end up on your Facebook suggested friends’ list. Your Instagram updates are linked to your Facebook account and will appear on your news feed. If privacy is a concern, that’s a problem.

So how can you separate Facebook and Instagram accounts? Here are a few ways you can try.

1. Making your Instagram posts invisible on Facebook

Did you login to Instagram using your Facebook account? The first option you have is to change your Facebook settings, instead of Instagram. On your Facebook page, click the gear wheel and go to Account Settings. Once you’re there, choose apps and find Instagram. While you’re at it, get rid of a few apps you don’t use that can access your information, too.

Once you’ve got there, you can click ‘edit’ and change the settings of that app to visible to ‘Only Me’. This means that your Instagram updates will still be on Facebook, but nobody else will be able to see any of them.

2. Keeping your Facebook friends away from Instagram

For this, you start from your Instagram profile. From the upper right corner, you can choose settings for your OS, Android, or iOS. From there, you can go to ‘linked accounts’ and choose to ‘unlink’. This should make sure that your Facebook account, or any other account you want to unlink, no longer automatically posts your Instagram updates.

3. To completely keep Facebook away from Instagram

For this, you need to go to your Facebook profile again. As explained in the first option, go to apps in account settings. Now don’t just make it invisible to everybody but you go ahead and delete the app. That should do the trick.

If that still doesn’t work:

If you’re on an iPhone and you still don’t find that your problem is sorted out, there is one more thing you could try to do:

Go to Settings on your iPhone. Now go to Instagram and that little subset. From there, go to privacy settings. Now go on to Facebook/Twitter, and make sure that the little box is unchecked.

4. If all else fails:

If you have tried all of this and your Instagram and Facebook accounts still insist on being Best Friends Forever, you might have no choice but to uninstall both apps and install them again, then go through all of these steps again.

Other social media accounts:

social-media-419944_1280You can also choose to not give Instagram access to other social media accounts. For Twitter, you can go to ‘authorized apps’ and make sure Instagram is not on the list.

For Flickr, you have to go to ‘authorized services’ in your settings.

Tumblr has ‘Preferences’, from where you can access ‘Applications’ and make sure Instagram doesn’t have access.

Even for Foursquare, you can check connections to other apps, and revoke access to Instagram.

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