Jugaadu Kamlesh – The entrepreneur who is in the limelight after Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India - Jugaadu Kamlesh won the title of the 'pitch of the season' and an undeniable offer from Shark Peyush Bansal on the show.


Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare, popularly known as ‘Jugaadu Kamlesh’ has become a viral sensation since he appeared on Shark Tank India. Kamlesh won many hearts and also the title of the ‘pitch of the season’ on Shark Tank India: Season 1.

Kamlesh hails from Malegaon village, Maharashtra. He and his cousin Naru, pitched about his pesticide spraying trolley on the show. He received an investment of Rs. 10 lakh for 40% equity from Shark Peyush Bansal, co-founder of Lenskart. Additionally, this Shark was so impressed by his pitch that he offered a loan of Rs. 20 lakh, without interest. He also called Kamlesh as the ‘future of the nation.’

While everyone rejected this budding entrepreneur, Mr. Bansal saw his potential supported him. What came as a surprise to everyone was, that Kamlesh doesn’t boast any professional graduation degree, which maybe the reason why his potential was overlooked by many. Despite this, he seemed to have won Mr. Bansal’s heart and the rest of the internet.After this episode aired on television, the internet appreciated Mr. Bansal.

Mr. Bansal also revealed, “I invested in the entrepreneur and if you asked me he is the best among all. He has a vision, confidence and he was vigilant. I was impressed by him because of his positive attitude and even when the sharks denied investing in him, he remained positive and was continuously smiling. He won my heart when he said he won’t leave Naru which shows his humility. I respect Jugaadu Kamlesh as an entrepreneur because ‘bande me hai dum’.”

He invited him for lunch to discuss their plans about the business. He also shared a video online in which he said, “We have decided to do a design improvement in the product, so we’re getting a designer to work with us. So, here we are, enjoying the winter of Delhi.”

Kamlesh’s pesticide spraying trolley

Kamlesh addressed the issue that farmers usually face while spraying of pesticides. Farmers need to carry a 17 litre container on their back in this process. This is not only a tiring job for farmers but can also causes illnesses to them because of the chemicals that are exposed during the process.

To provide farmers with an easy solution, Kamlesh pitched his pesticide spraying trolley with a lot of enthusiasm. This trolley can carry 20 litres pesticide can, and be used to sow seeds and transport goods. On top of reducing a big burden faced by farmers, this solution is also very cost effective.

This innovation is created by him and he also talked about other unique ideas that can help boost the agricultural sector of the country.

Getting candid with the Sharks

After the end of Shark Tank India: Season 1, Sony released a special episode, ‘Getting Candid with the Sharks’ which gave viewers a scoop of what happens behind the scenes of the show. Kamlesh stole the limelight in this special episode too. While Mr. Bansal confessed why he chose to invest in his idea, Shark Namita Thapar added that her biggest regret on the show is not investing in Jugaadu Kamlesh. Shark Aman Gupta also missed investing in the idea as he was not present at the shoot on that day.

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