The Tribe- Actress Kriti Sanon’s new fitness startup


“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe,” wrote Kriti Sanon in her Instagram caption, announcing the launch of her new fitness startup ‘The Tribe’. Recently, Actress Kriti Sanon completed eight years in Bollywood and that is when she decided to embark on her entrepreneurial journey.

She posted on her Instagram handle, “Today, 8yrs later, exactly on the same day, I am thrilled to announce my journey as an Entrepreneur with my three amazingly talented Co-founders Anushka Nandani, Karan Sawhney and Robin Behl as we launch our Passion Project “The Tribe”.”

She shared how her journey in fitness began after her movie MIMI when she had to shed 15 kilos that she gained for her role and she had to do it during the COVID-19 pandemic when gyms were shut. That is when she discovered that you only need motivation and the right guidance to stay fit. And a partner that could make workouts fun for you would be the recipe to move in the direction of fitness.

Through her fitness startup, The Tribe, Miss. Sanon is trying to help people unlock their full potential in the area of fitness. The Tribe is set to make workouts super fun and aid you in pushing your limits.

She also announced that The Tribe application will be launched later this year that will give users access to anything and everything related to fitness and mindfulness. This is something that fans can be excited about apart from her upcoming movie Ganapat, with Actor Tiger Shroff.

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