Meet Infiware: The startup that lets you control home appliances at your fingertips

Infiware allows you to integrate your lighting, audio/video, security, surveillance, HVAC, and any IoT product onto a single platform.


The future of your homes and offices has become synonymous with automation systems. With technology updating every day, automation systems have the capability to give you the power of controlling your spaces from anywhere in the world.

Infiware is a company that is providing high-tech solutions in the world of home and office automation. It has partnered with several manufacturers to provide solutions that also aim at saving energy.

Team Sociobits connected with Mr. Krish Pherwani, co-founder of Infiware to know more about Infiware and its solutions.

Team Sociobits: Would tell us a little about your company, its co-founders, and the product offered by Infiware?

Co-Founder: We have been System Integrators for Home & Office Automation since 2012. We have been working with a lot of manufacturers such as Schneider Electric and ABB, and have also been official channel partners for them.

We started under my dad’s company, working and executing varied projects throughout Pune, Mumbai and also Karnataka. The co-founders are Krish Pherwani, Rakesh Kolage, and Pratyush Pherwani. All of us have varied roles and complement each other very well. A few milestone projects include:

  • the Automation of Banquets and Public Areas of Novotel, Pune; JW Marriott, Pune; Westin, Pune. 
  • 100+ luxury apartments of Castle Royale Towers, Pune, and many more independent houses, including a lot of VIP homes.

Infiware is based on proprietary software developed by 11IoT & Cloud Technologies Pvt Ltd. Our product enables the integration of all third party Automation Protocols – Home & Industrial (KNX, C-Bus by Schneider, etc.), IoT Protocols (MQTT, HTTP, Zigbee, Zwave, LoRaWan, etc.), Audio/Video (Telnet, Yamaha, Sonos, Spotify, Apple Tv, etc.) and BMS Protocols (Modbus, BacNet, etc.) to be controlled, managed, monitored and analyzed using a Single Platform- Infiware (Currently Android, IOS and Web-Based).

Additionally, we enable Virtual Assistants (Alexa, Siri, Google, etc.) to perform all the functions our platforms can do, enabling large-scale installations to be controlled through simple voice commands!

Infiware is programmed using Mac and Windows-based Programming Toolkit – 11IoT Toolkit that does the integration of all the third-party protocols onto the Infiware platform. And to enable remote control we utilize the 11IoT Cloud, hosted on AWS. You can download the Infiware application from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Team Sociobits: What issues are you resolving through your startup?

Co-Founder: There is a lot of great technology available by various manufacturers but when you execute a project you often want to mix and match your products. Infiware allows you to integrate your: Lighting, Audio/Video, Security, Surveillance, HVAC, and any IoT product onto a single platform. This allows you to control and monitor all your devices with superior ease.

We saw a deficit in available unified platform aggregators. The most common issue was that they were not scalable and being hardware rich and expensive they performed very poorly. Being a software-rich product, we are innovating Infiware daily and adding every possible third-party system that can be controlled by them. In India alone, we are well connected with 200+ system integrators and looking to grow relationships with them by making their lives easier with Infiware.

Additionally, we want to create an impact on the Sustainability and Green Energy space of buildings and homes. Infiware gives you smart notifications, thereby allowing you to ensure your energy-consuming devices are working in the most efficient way. We are also researching heavily into AI, making infiware smarter. Our easy-to-use dashboard and application give you instant details and feedback about your devices, allowing you to control them conveniently and remotely from anywhere in the world.

“Infiware gives you smart notifications, thereby allowing you to ensure your energy-consuming devices are working in the most efficient way.”

-Krish Pherwani, co-founder of Infiware

Team Sociobits: How has your journey with Infiware been so far?

Co-Founder: The journey has been very interesting. We have seen a lot of ups and downs, but have achieved success in terms of developing a solid product, that can compete with our American and European competition. We have come a long way in making infiware better and when we see the Infiware icon on the menu bar of our customer’s devices, it leaves a smile on our faces.

Ticking of POCs by the month, we have achieved a lot in a year and the product is already live at several of our end customer’s premises.

Team Sociobits: What are the challenges that your startup has faced or may face?

Co-Founder: Being a bootstrapped startup, things are tough initially. We have come a long way in integrating more than 20+ protocols by almost 100+ manufacturers.

Being a small team we are often off from our targets but to maintain a lean approach we are trying to maintain a small core team for now. We are facing challenges in terms of achieving our deliverables on time.

Team Sociobits: Who are the potential competitors of your company and why would users choose Infiware?

Co-Founder: Almost all of our competition is American and European Companies. To name a few; Control4, RTI, Elan.

The majority of our initial customers are authorized resellers and system integrators. So, to integrate infiware you need to use a desktop-based toolkit. Here is where our users will bless us. This integration platform has been made so easy that we can train any individual in this industry in a matter of 10 minutes. At the same time, we have to understand that every end customer app is unique, using our toolkit, making custom apps is a cakewalk and is entirely no-code development.

This integration platform has been made so easy that we can train any individual in this industry in a matter of 10 minutes

Team Sociobits: Do you have any immediate goals set to be achieved this year?

Co-Founder: Yes indeed, we want to connect to as many resellers and system integrators and focus on having infiware devices installed in every city of the country.

In Q4 of this year, we want to tie up with international resellers and make their lives easy as well. We have already started innovating more products which we are wanting to launch soon.

Sociobits: What is your road map for the future?

Co-Founder: We are wanting to boost infiware sales, throughout. Currently, infiware is sold as a piece of hardware with the software in it. Soon we will launch a SAAS-based product, that can be installed directly onto your PC and let you control your devices.

This is our Pilot product and we see a lot of potential. Later, once we have created a network of resellers, we will launch newer and better technology, at the same time update existing ones, so that all our users always have access to newer features and stay updated with technology.

Team Sociobits: What do you think of the IoT space in India?

Co-Founder: India has a lot of potential in the IoT space. But a lot of startups are not focusing on the technology aspect. Most of them are utilizing technology developed by other countries, deploying them on locally sourced hardware. We are wanting to create superior IoT technology which is entirely made in India and used worldwide.

Along with the automation of homes and offices, Infiware is trying to make an impact on the sustainability and green energy space by creating superior IoT technology. Their solution is convenient and easy to use for its users.

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