10 Smart Ways AI Can be Used in Homes

Let’s take a look at ways AI Technology is being used in the household


AI technology is now in everyday things at home, like voice assistants and monitoring devices. Regular appliances are also getting smarter with AI, which helps us do things easily and sometimes even saves money. Let’s check out 10 household devices using AI.

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1. Virtual Reality 

More and more people are playing virtual reality (VR) games at home. You wear a special headset to play these games. The technology uses AI to make you feel like you’re in a real or make-believe world. VR isn’t just for games; it’s also used for learning.

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2. Security Cameras

Security cameras with AI technology are different from regular cameras because they can recognize faces. This is helpful for security because it lets homeowners see who has entered their home and when. These cameras are not just for catching burglars; they can also notify you when packages arrive or when family members come home.

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3. Smart Home Devices

These home devices use AI to answer questions, do tasks, and talk with people. The most popular one is the Amazon Echo Dot. You can connect these devices to lights, thermostats, and speakers, and then control them with your voice. Smart home devices can also replace other internet devices, so you can search the internet without using your smartphone.

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4. Home Robots

These robots are small AI robots made for entertaining kids and keeping an eye on the house. They use AI to see objects as people and do different tasks. Home robots can check the temperature, take pictures, read stories, play music, and make lists. People mainly buy these robots to help with kids because they have fun games.

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5. Smart Lock

The smart lock is a new kind of lock for homes. It’s different from regular locks because it connects to a smartphone. With AI technology, the lock can tell if someone tries to tamper with it. Using the app, users can give or take away access to the digital key. Unlike regular house keys, this digital key can’t be stolen or copied.

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6. AI Television

Some new TVs can use AI to replace a remote control. They have virtual assistant technology like home devices. With this innovation, users can control their television using their voice, so they don’t need a remote control. This makes it easier and saves time when using the television.

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7. Smart Thermostat and Metre

These AI systems help customers understand and analyze how much energy and gas they use. This helps reduce wasted energy, which saves customers money and helps the environment. Some of these energy meters can also suggest the best place to put a solar panel.

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8. Smart AI Kitchen Appliances

Smart appliances are now in many kitchens. They use AI to make food and drinks, like coffee machines that can start brewing at a set time. Some smart fridges can check if food is still good and suggest recipes based on what’s inside. There are also robotic arms that help with cooking, which can be really useful for people who have trouble cooking on their own.

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9. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuums are smart because they use AI to get better at cleaning. You can tell them what to do and where to go in your house. They don’t need much help, and some can even empty themselves.

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10. Fitness Mirror

There are mirrors that use AI to watch your health. Doctors can see this information and use it to understand if you might get sick or hurt. This helps hospitals and doctors by letting them keep an eye on people without needing to see them in person. These mirrors are also great for fitness. They can see how you move and exercise, and then give you advice on how to do better.

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AI needs careful consideration with respect to ethics

Our homes are our safe, private places, so not everyone will like the idea of AI using data from devices in our homes. While having more AI at home can be convenient and beneficial, some people might worry about the risks.

AI is a wide-ranging, fast-developing technology, which is why many people are concerned about where it might lead us. They believe that AI needs careful consideration, ethics, and some rules to ensure it’s safe and useful. When we use social media or free products, we often become part of the product being sold.

Consumers will get to choose if they want to trade convenience for privacy. For instance, will they share their behavior data with other companies to get cheaper products and services? Transparency is the first step. People should know how their data is used, stored, and shared.

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