Why You Should Invest In A Whole House Generator


With the frequency and severity of power outages rising, more homeowners are looking into backup power solutions to keep their homes powered during grid failures. A whole house generator is one of the best options for reliable backup power.

If you’re considering getting a whole house generator, here are some of the top reasons why investing in one can be a smart decision. 

Reliability During Outages 

A whole house generator delivers backup power to your home, not just select circuits or appliances like a small portable generator. This means that during a power outage, you can continue running heating/cooling, lights, appliances, home electronics, and more without interruption.

Whole house generators are fully automated and will automatically detect a power outage. Within seconds, they’ll turn on and restore power to your home. This prevents you from having to start up a generator manually. 

Protects Home Systems 

Losing power can wreak havoc on home systems like your HVAC system and sump pump. When they lose power, it can lead to more significant problems like frozen pipes, water damage or mold growth. A whole house generator will keep power flowing to these essential home components, so they continue functioning as usual. This prevents expensive damage or repairs down the road. 

Increases Home Value 

A whole house generator provides backup power to the entire home during utility outages. This appeals to buyers looking for uninterrupted access to electricity for household systems and appliances. As an attractive feature, the generator can enable homeowners to command higher sale prices for their properties. Additionally, buyers may be willing to sacrifice other desires in order to purchase a home with reliable backup power. By limiting downtime and maintaining normalcy despite grid failures, a whole house generator boosts a home’s value as a stable and highly functional living space.

Business Continuity for Home Offices 

With an increasing number of people working remotely, the home office has become a critical component of daily life. Power outages can disrupt productivity and result in data loss if electronic devices aren’t properly shut down. A whole house generator ensures that your home office remains functional during power outages, allowing you to continue working seamlessly. This business continuity is essential for professionals relying on a stable and uninterrupted power supply to meet deadlines and communicate with clients and colleagues. 

Tax Incentives May Apply 

Tax incentives and rebates are often offered for whole house generator installations, including a federal investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC allows you to deduct a portion of your generator system cost from your federal tax bill. Some states and local utilities also offer rebates to offset the upfront cost. Taking advantage of these savings can make a whole house generator more affordable. 

Runs On Multiple Fuel Sources 

Today’s whole house generators offer dual-fuel capabilities, meaning they can operate on natural gas or propane. This provides flexibility since you can choose whichever fuel type makes the most economic sense based on availability and pricing in your region. If one fuel supply is disrupted, you can switch to the other fuel source to keep your generator running. 

Clean, Quiet Power 

Whole house generators deliver clean, high-quality power that’s safe for sensitive electronics and appliances in your home. Most run at low decibel levels comparable to a normal conversation so that they won’t create a disturbance. This makes them suitable for suburban neighborhoods with noise restrictions. 

Minimal Maintenance 

A professionally installed whole house generator will require minimal ongoing maintenance. Most units will run self-tests weekly and only need an annual tune-up by a certified technician. This provides peace of mind, knowing your system will be ready to go when you need it. 

Additional Reasons To Invest 

Here are some additional reasons why a whole house generator can be a worthwhile investment: 

  • Provides power to run major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and electric ranges so you can still cook meals during extended outages 
  • Allows you to continue using electronic communication devices like phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers to stay connected when grid power fails 
  • Delivers power to recharge battery backups and solar storage systems in a power outage 
  • Can be programmed only to run when needed, saving fuel and engine wear compared to running a portable generator continuously 
  • Safer than small individual generators that can overload circuits and cause fires or electrocution from improper use 
  • Emits lower emissions than most portable generators and meets EPA emissions standards when adequately maintained 
  • Can be sized to meet your family’s specific power needs based on load calculations by a professional 
  • Qualifies for insurance discounts from some providers for having emergency backup power 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, investing in a whole house generator provides reliable backup power that can protect your family, home, and possessions during outages. If grid failures are a concern in your area, it can deliver invaluable protection and peace of mind.

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