Nokia changes its logo to mark the start of a new era


Nokia unveiled at MWC Barcelona 2023 unveiled a refreshed brand, as part of its long-term strategic transformation and announced updated company and technology strategy. The Finnish 5G equipment manufacturer announced Sunday (Feb. 26) that it would introduce new branding comprising five different shapes forming the word NOKIA. It’s also swapping out the iconic Nokia blue for a range of colors, depending on the use case, Reuters reported.

Nokia is uniquely positioned with its best-of-its-kind portfolio across fixed, mobile and cloud networking technologies, whereas many other companies across every industry are looking to digitalization to improve efficiency, flexibility and productivity in a sustainable way.

Pekka Lundmark, president and chief executive officer of Nokia, said, “We see the potential of digital to transform business, industry and society with an opportunity for significant gains in productivity, sustainability and accessibility. Our market-leading critical networking technology is increasingly needed by customers and partners in every industry. We see a future where networks go beyond connecting people and things. They’re adaptable, autonomous and consumable. They are networks that sense, think and act, and they maximize the opportunity of digitalization.”

“In most people’s minds, we are still a successful mobile phone brand, but this is not what Nokia is about. We want to launch a new brand that is focusing very much on the networks and industrial digitalization, which is a completely different thing from the legacy mobile phones.” —CEO Pekka Lundmark in an interview with Bloomberg ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 

He added that Nokia has updated the company and technology strategy with a focus on unleashing the exponential potential of networks – pioneering a future where networks meet the cloud. To signal this ambition it is refreshing the brand to reflect who they are today – a B2B technology innovation leader.

“”This is Nokia, but not as the world has seen us before.”

Nokia’s new logo is emblematic of an energized, ever-changing, and modern Nokia, proposing its values and purpose. It has been designed as a symbol of collaboration, which Nokia believes to be critical for realizing the exponential potential of networks, unlocking gains in sustainability, productivity, and accessibility. In line with its updated company strategy, Nokia is refreshing its brand to signal who it is today: a B2B technology innovation leader realizing the potential of digital in every industry. The new brand asserts the value Nokia brings in networking expertise, technology leadership, pioneering innovation and collaborative partnership.

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