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Realme to launch smartphone with 24GB RAM


Recently, a reliable tipster brought exciting news to light regarding OnePlus and Realme, two prominent smartphone brands. The tipster divulged that OnePlus has intentions to release a remarkable smartphone that will boast an unprecedented 24GB of RAM, a remarkable feat in the world of mobile devices. However, what makes this revelation even more intriguing is the subsequent claim made by the same source. They indicated that Realme, a sister brand to OnePlus, will also enter the scene with a smartphone offering the same impressive 24GB of RAM.

Given the close relationship between OnePlus and Realme, where they often collaborate and share resources, this development does not come as a surprise. Both brands are known for their commitment to pushing technological boundaries and delivering high-performance devices to their customers. By incorporating such a massive amount of RAM, they aim to provide users with unparalleled multitasking capabilities, smoother performance and enhanced overall user experience.

The potential introduction of these high-capacity RAM phones from OnePlus and Realme is likely to generate significant buzz within the smartphone industry. Enthusiasts and tech-savvy consumers eagerly await further details and official announcements from the brands to gain insight into the specifications, features, and release dates of these innovative devices.

Digital Chat Station, a prominent and prolific Chinese tipster, has emerged as the source of the leak surrounding the highly anticipated 24GB RAM smartphones. While initially not specifying whether the considerable RAM capacity would be virtual or physical, Digital Chat Station has now provided further details, shedding light on the matter.

According to the tipster, the OPlus group, consisting of Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme, has embarked on a mission to popularize smartphones with extensive memory capabilities. As a result, the forthcoming flagship devices from these brands are expected to set a new standard, with a minimum of 16GB of RAM and the highest-tier variants pushing the boundaries by offering a staggering 24GB of RAM.

The inclusion of such significant RAM capacities is not merely a numbers game but also aims to deliver tangible benefits to users. The enhanced memory is anticipated to unlock greater multitasking potential, allowing for smoother performance, faster app switching, and improved overall user experience. Furthermore, Digital Chat Station suggests that the group’s proprietary software, ColorOS, will benefit from the substantial RAM by offering more efficient and effective background app management.

Among the devices mentioned in the leak, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro stands out as the frontrunner to claim the title of the world’s first smartphone with 24GB of RAM. This highly anticipated device is rumored to utilize cutting-edge LPDDR5x memory technology, further enhancing its performance and efficiency. ( Similarly, the Realme handset, which is shrouded in mystery at this stage, is also expected to feature the same LPDDR5x RAM and join the exclusive club of devices boasting 24GB of RAM. Additionally, both smartphones are rumored to offer an impressive 1TB of storage capacity, catering to the growing demands of users for ample space to store their digital content.

In previous leaks, details have surfaced regarding the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro’s specifications. It is expected to be a more advanced version of the Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus, sharing many similarities in terms of features and design. However, the OnePlus variant is anticipated to differentiate itself by employing the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, surpassing the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 SoC found in the Oppo model. This upgrade in processing power is likely to result in improved performance, faster processing speeds, and better overall responsiveness.

As excitement continues to build around the prospect of these high-capacity RAM smartphones, tech enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements and further details from the OPlus group, as they strive to redefine the boundaries of mobile technology and provide users with groundbreaking devices that elevate their smartphone experience to new heights.

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