How The Social Media Is Influencing The World To Change


In today’s world, everything works at a fast pace, be it the fast metro trains or the 4G net connection. Human life has become much more faster and so has the technology, it is because of this that the world now remains connected 24*7.

Now what is role, the social media playing to upgrade our lives or the planet?

From giving news to giving life everything has become a global issue an online affair. It has become a 2 way mode of sharing where, you post what you want to share and see many other posts by people across the globe.

The Breaking News’

Online NEws

Where does this appear first? Yes, you are right. On the internet. When you scroll down your Facebook page for no particular reason then, it is where you can get the first glimpse of it. For people, who otherwise don’t switch to the news channels.


Online Shopping
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Seen all those online shopping stores? Didn’t it make the experience of shopping much more easier and of course for you, girlfriend’s and wives your male counterpart can now for sure not nag about your shopping time. Thus, making a profit for you and for the traders online.


Ever heard of the Egypt Revolution, whose consequence was expulsion of the then President, how did it start? Through a simple Facebook page which got millions of supporters online. It is a platform that unites people, where, like minded people can form groups and discuss about any particular topic and others who have a difference in their viewpoint can argue, debate and come to a conclusion on any issue of relevance. Thus, bringing the people together.

Online Revolution

Speaking Out.

In this era, where everyone has such a tied up schedule, this online media becomes a life saver, a platform where you can raise your voice against any injustice done to you in the name of leadership, hence persuading the government to act in our favor or rather act democratically. It is a stage for you where, you can put forth your arguments or comments on any issue online.


It also raises money for charity, to help the needful thus, making this world a better place to live in and yes it saves life too. Yes it saves LIFE! Now how does it do this? It avails for services from across the globe, if you want an organ donor you will get it from around the world, all you need to do is post it online and see the response. It also gives or rather spreads awareness about a prevailing epidemic like a wild fire, thus, saving your life again.


Connecting with anyone and anywhere, has been made so easy with a number of applications such as Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Hike and many more. So, even if your love lives thousand miles away from you, you can be banded together, thus enhancing the process of communication of the individuals.

Corporate Management.

It is a place where a lot of job opportunities. Whether you are a student or a parent who wants financial aid to support living, this is right place with slathers of scope for job. Thus, stay online earn online.

Social Media can break or make the world.

This is an all encompassing niche for every individual, where you see the process of human helping human, in the way to GLOBALIZATION. Be it trade or communication everything has been upgraded here; in turn upgrading the world.

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