7 Ways How Social Media Can Help You Save Money


Worried about your expenses becoming expensive? Worried that your pocket size won’t allow you to go for favorite brand?

Anju, one of SocioBits’ writer has already written an article on the Advantages of using Social Media. But, in addition to that post, I’d like to add up that it can also help you save a hell lot of money.

How Social Media Can Help You Save Money?

Well then, here are the best ways to save your money. This very platform, can become your saving grace. Just try it out.               Saving is not all about spending less or contracting your demands, there is much more you can do to it. Here, are some simple procedures to save your money, on your daily chores.

Update your Wardrobe

Let’s start with your wardrobe? How many of you out there, wouldn’t like to modernize your wardrobe? I would definitely love to have the best of the season and I know, so would you. But yes, how can you afford all this? Social media provides you the platform for updating your wardrobe with cost efficiency.

No doubt, you might have heard about flipkart, myntra, snapdeal and many other shopping sites. These always have a mega sale going on,  so that you get the best in the world and not only in your town. You will get your stuff delivered at your doorstep, thus saving your travel expenses too.

Travel to Cosmetics

Have to attend an urgent meeting but worried about how to finance it? Social Media can help you tackle this problem like a walk on the cake. It can provide you with a lot of options so that, you become a chooser.

Sites like Yatra.com, cleartrip, etc help you book cheap flights and also hotels and travel for your convenient stay. Oh! how can you forget your makeup kit, you have to look presentable, don’t you? Don’t worry you can order for your favorite brand at cheap rates on the net. So, stay calm and save money.

Lending-Borrowing Websites

In need of money but afraid about the interest rates? Here is a splendid news for you guys. Guessing what? It is, you can borrow or lend money through the social media at low interest rates or even no interest rates.

There are sites like Prosper and Lending clubs, which hammer out deal between the peers. Managing the peer to peer lending and borrowing, also the borrowers save a hell lot of money on the interests. Thus making this sector a flourishing one. Try your hand out at this.

Save for College

Many of you teens out there, would be in a perplexed state on how to manage your budget. You will find a reliever here, the social media has many sites which help you keep a track of your records and also help you save your money.

Sites like GreenNote and SmartPig give you valuable tools to save for your college. Tweet what you Spend and Bundle let you track your expenses to save money. The best thing about these sites are that they are Free.

Take Surveys

Be it your new project, assignment or starting your new business: Opinions are always valued. Your ideas always circle fresh and unique in your brain, but it might not be true in fact.

Taking surveys is one essential step people do when they do something major. But, that requires a lot of money if you want a greater scale of opinions.

That’s when you can make use of Q&A websites online. There are lot of online Question and Answer websites online with which you can ask questions and receive feedback and answers.

Amal has written a post about Quora – an amazing Q&A Website, which will help you to conduct surveys.

Crazy Ideas

Troubled cause no idea is flowing in your mind on how to surprise your buddy on his birthday? Social Media can always save your neck, whatever the situation is. Here is what social media can do to help you give him the best time of his life.

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There are many sites like pinterest which can give you awesome ideas, to make your loved one feel that celebration is in the air. Social Media also helps you find unique gifts, which might not be available at your nearby store at a price which will be surprisingly low.

Marketing and Advertising

Starting a new firm or launching a new product? Finding it difficult to reach your target audience with the minimum budget in hand? Try this whole new world with billions of people. You will be shocked by the response you get.

This social media boosts the performance of your company. It lowers the customer service costs, marketing costs become nil. Your advertising and PR costs drop down drastically. Thus, helping you save a lot for yourself. So, why shelling out your money on banners which give you just a limited audience?

It’s not about how much money you make but about how, without any hitch you are able to save it.

So what you waiting for?

Start Saving Money – Socially!

Image Credits : dumblittleman.com, adweek.com

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