Shrikant Sawant’s Vision for Vibe AI: Redefining Data Security


In this article, we meet Shrikant Sawant, the founder of Vibe AI. Shrikant is a tech enthusiast who, despite his engineering background, found his passion in technology, product development, and marketing. He shares his journey from being an engineering student to becoming an entrepreneur in the field of AI and cybersecurity. Do you want your website and app to be more secure against cyberattacks? Dive into the story to see how they keep it simple and to the point. Sign up and use Vibe AI products to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Vibe AI is a company that focuses on using AI and ML models to protect businesses from cyberattacks and data breaches. Shrikant’s goal is to offer something innovative to the market, not just a copy of existing products. The article explores Shrikant’s journey, his motivation to start Vibe AI, the challenges he faced, and his vision for the company’s future.

An introduction of the founder by himself

Ans: Hi, I’m Shrikant Sawant, by education engineering student with zero interest in engineering but curious about technology, product building, and marketing. Before launching our startup, startup I did some internships in early-stage startups to learn how startups work. While studying AI in my engineering days, I found a problem in the market that we could solve, so after that, I used to work at night for the startup and sleep in my college lectures.

Can you provide a brief overview of Vibe AI and its main mission or goal?

Ans: Vibe AI is an AI intelligence API for developers and businesses to integrate capabilities of AI and ML models in their apps or websites to protect them from cyberattacks and data breaches. Our main goal is to build the which we are proud of telling to people in the market, something innovative not a clone of someone else products.

How does Vibe AI’s API work in protecting businesses from data breaches and cyberattacks, in simple terms?

It uses ML models and algorithms that are trained using a large amount of data, basically it analyzes and detects using user behavior and data.

What inspired you to start Vibe AI, and when did you officially launch the company?

Ans: I was never interested in engineering, it was just like every other Indian parent does engineering or medicine. In my case, I wanted to do something in my life where I should feel happy and it motivated me to get out the bed. During that time I came across the startup ecosystem and saw the rise of startups in India; That’s the time I decided that I wanted to start my venture and We all saw that the Indian economy is growing rapidly every year.

What are the key aspects of Vibe AI that you personally manage, and how do they contribute to the company’s success?

Ans: I understand the market and users better because I have been studying this market for almost 2 years and know how to build a team and team management. Perseverance and different hacks were helpful for us during the time we started building the product; for these two skills, I will thank my engineering college.

Can you share some insights into the AI and blockchain use cases you identified as the foundation for Vibe AI during your research?

The use cases that I found during my research in AI and blockchain were: Blockchain Payment systems, AI in trading algorithms, AI for supply management, and AI for cyberattacks. These were the use cases that I found out about during my research AI for cyberattacks was the use case that always stuck in my mind; because I used to get news and updates that Facebook,opneAI, and other big MNC companies have faced data breaches,

What motivated you to pivot from an engineering background to becoming an entrepreneur in the field of AI and cybersecurity?

Ans: I was never interested in engineering’; not because my engineering is useless. “Engineering is Something close to Magic”- Elon Musk, but the way college taught engineering I never liked it or might be I was not suitable for that type of education, also I know that if I pursue engineering I will won’t able to score well in engineering and parents will be mad at me, so If they wanted me to get mad at me then it’s better to go after what I wanted to pursue and go for what I wanted to do in my life.

How has the response been from potential customers and users during the beta phase of Vibe AI, and what have you learned from their feedback?

Ans: The response was good, they like the idea of what we were building as a product, also they gave valuable advice on whom should we target as customers and how the integration should be

What are your future plans and goals for Vibe AI as you continue to develop and grow the company?

The goal is to create a global tech brand, and every engineer should say that they want to work for Vibe AI, just as they say they want to work for Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. I want to create a company with strong ethics, innovation, and a great culture where everyone who works here feels like they are learning and growing in their field rather than working only for money or something else.

Are there any specific challenges you’ve faced while building Vibe AI, and how did you overcome them?

Ans: The specific challenges we faced, were the deployment issues also the lack of resources in terms of team and funding. Gaining customer trust was the biggest challenge we faced and we are still facing it because people with less technical knowledge don’t understand.

What sets Vibe AI apart from other solutions in the cybersecurity and data breach prevention space?

Discipline, innovation—which has always been a priority of ours, a focus on the needs of the customer, and execution speed Our ethics and guidelines set us apart from competing goods. Advanced technology, flexibility, and ease of use are product USPs.

Shrikant Sawant’s journey from an engineering student to the founder of Vibe AI exemplifies the power of following one’s passion. Vibe AI’s mission to enhance cybersecurity using AI and ML models showcases a commitment to innovation and customer-focused solutions. Shrikant’s determination, learning from challenges, and vision for the future position Vibe AI as a promising player in the field of data protection and cyber defense. With an ethos of discipline, innovation, and customer-centricity, Vibe AI sets itself apart in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity solutions, promising a bright and secure digital future.

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