Swiggy now uses generative AI to enhance user, restaurant experiences


Swiggy, a prominent online food delivery platform, recently unveiled its plans to revolutionize user experiences through the implementation of generative AI techniques. The company aims to create products and services that facilitate intuitive ordering, personalized recommendations, and a more conversational search experience for its customers.

One of the exciting features being introduced by Swiggy is the neural search capability. This advanced AI-powered search functionality allows users to conduct searches using natural and open-ended queries, eliminating the need for specific keywords. Instead, users can interact with the platform in a more natural manner, receiving tailored suggestions based on their preferences. This innovative approach streamlines the search process, making it easier and more enjoyable for consumers to find what they desire.

Madhusudhan Rao, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Swiggy, explained that the neural search capability is built upon a Large Language Model (LLM) that has been specifically adapted to comprehend the terminology related to dishes, recipes, restaurants, and Swiggy’s vast search data. The incorporation of generative AI into Swiggy’s platform represents a significant step forward in enhancing the overall user experience and making the platform more accessible and user-friendly.

The neural search feature is set to undergo a pilot phase, scheduled to commence by September. During this phase, Swiggy will evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the feature, gathering valuable insights and learnings to further improve its capabilities. Based on the results obtained from the pilot phase, Swiggy plans to extend the neural search functionality to all search traffic within its app, making it a standard offering for all users.

In addition to the improved search experience for food and groceries, Swiggy is also integrating the neural search capability into its Swiggy Instamart segment. This integration will enable customers to discover groceries and household items in a more conversational manner, providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience. By leveraging generative AI techniques in this way, Swiggy aims to enhance the overall convenience and satisfaction of its customers, expanding its services beyond food delivery.

Another noteworthy application of generative AI within Swiggy’s ecosystem is Swiggy Dineout. With the help of generative AI, Swiggy is transforming the way users explore dining options. The platform now boasts a unique Dineout conversational bot that acts as a virtual concierge, guiding users to restaurants that align with their specific preferences. Factors such as ambience, kid-friendliness, valet parking, ratings, and cost are taken into account, allowing users to discover dining options that best suit their needs and preferences.

Beyond enhancing the customer experience, Swiggy is also leveraging generative AI-led solutions to provide better support for its restaurant and delivery partners. The company is piloting in-house tuned LLMs (Large Language Models) to empower restaurant partners, enabling them to self-serve on various processes and address queries related to onboarding, ratings, payouts, and more. This approach leads to faster issue resolution and streamlining of operations, ultimately benefiting both the restaurant partners and the overall Swiggy ecosystem.

The conversational assistant powered by the LLM will be accessible through the restaurant-owner app and WhatsApp, providing a seamless and user-friendly communication channel for the restaurant partners. This innovative use of generative AI demonstrates Swiggy’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve operational efficiency and foster stronger relationships with its partners.

Moreover, Swiggy’s decision to incorporate generative AI techniques aligns with the broader industry trends, where many companies are adopting AI-driven solutions to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. The utilization of AI in the food delivery industry is not only transforming the way customers interact with the platform but also enhancing backend processes to ensure a more efficient and seamless experience for all stakeholders involved.

The potential of generative AI in the food delivery space goes beyond just improving search capabilities and providing personalized recommendations. As the technology evolves, it opens up possibilities for other exciting applications, such as predictive analytics for demand forecasting, route optimization for delivery drivers, and intelligent pricing models to optimize cost and customer satisfaction.

By embracing AI technologies, Swiggy is positioning itself as an industry leader and innovator in the fiercely competitive online food delivery space. The company’s commitment to continuously enhance the user experience and provide innovative solutions for its customers and partners sets a benchmark for other players in the market.

The incorporation of generative AI techniques also reflects Swiggy’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. As AI continues to evolve rapidly, businesses that embrace and invest in AI technologies can gain a competitive edge by delivering superior products and services to their customers.

In conclusion, Swiggy’s incorporation of generative AI techniques represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey to enhance user experiences and revolutionize the food delivery industry. The introduction of the neural search capability, personalized recommendations, and the Dineout conversational bot showcases Swiggy’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to improve customer experiences. Additionally, the company’s efforts to empower its restaurant and delivery partners through generative AI-led solutions demonstrate its dedication to creating a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Looking ahead, it will be exciting to witness how Swiggy continues to leverage generative AI and other advanced technologies to innovate and provide top-notch services to its customers. As AI technology continues to advance, the possibilities for further enhancing the food delivery experience are boundless, promising even more convenience, efficiency, and satisfaction for customers and partners alike. With Swiggy at the forefront of this transformation, the future of food delivery looks increasingly promising and technologically advanced.

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