Top 5 Tips for Sex Tourism

Wonder what sex tourism is? Well, it is not much different from your typical travelling, except that the main purpose of your trip is engaging in sexual activities with prostitutes. There is sex tourism for men and women, although you would rarely hear such term as female sex tourism, as it is mainly called romance tourism. The difference lies in the fact that men travel to have sex with prostitutes, while women from well-developed countries make trips to developing countries in order to have sort of a tourist romance with local men. It looks plain and simple, but to enjoy your sex tourism without contributing to the collection of stories of misadventures, you should follow five simple tips.

#1. Know The Laws of The Country You Are Visiting

According to the statistics, the most popular sex tourism spots include Brazil, Bulgaria, Columbia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Gambia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, The Netherlands, Senegal, Thailand, and Ukraine. As you can understand, laws in different parts of the world differ greatly. In certain countries, prostitution is legal, while it is illegal in others. So, mind that in one country you can pick a prostitute on the street, while in another country you should go to a special club. Rules may differ even from one district to another. In Japan, for example, in one district you can easily pick a prostitute on the street, while in another district you may get robbed and killed without proper knowledge of Japanese. So, read about the sex tourism spot before going there.

#2. Mind The Risks

As we’ve said before the laws on prostitution differ from country to country. You should mind that in certain countries you may be arrested for sex tourism. You should also understand the fact that you can be fooled easily, some people may just take your money without giving you what you want. That’s why it is better to travel to the Netherlands or Japan where sex industry is well-developed. In other countries, it is better to go to reputable places if you don’t want to get fooled. Nonetheless, there’s always a sage option – the girls from You won’t regret contacting one of those beauties!

#3. Know Your Rights

Continuing with the risks, we once again offer you to make trips to the countries with well-developed sex industries where, in case of having troubles, someone would consider your tourist’s rights. Of course, you need to learn your rights if you want it to be helpful.

#4. Mind Health

The most common risk that goes hand in hand with sex tourism is STDs. Although Japan and the Czech Republic has the lowest rate of HIV-infected people, you shouldn’t forget about other sexually transmitted diseases that while not deadly are unlikely pleasant.

#5. Forget About The Critical Perception

Wait, what? You’ve heard us! If you want your sex tourism to bring you pleasure you should forget about the critical perception. If you are not in the Netherlands, it is unlikely that the prostitutes serving you are in this profession because of their own desire. For example, in Thailand, a lot of girls under the legal age are forced into becoming prostitute. So, if you want to enjoy your sex trip, it is better to forget the critical eye.


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