Top 8 NFT Quotes that will help you understand the world of NFTs better

Here are the top 7 NFT quotes that will let you know how entrepreneurs are feeling about NFTs.


People are increasingly exploring the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. These new technologies have started invading our life quickly and if we don’t act fast, maybe we’ll be left behind and miss out on a technological revolution.

Most of us are still unaware of what NFTs mean and what are its possible use cases. But with researchers and tech geeks in the picture, we are finding use cases and potential of NFTs every other day. To help you start out, here are top 8 quotes about NFTs that will let you in on what the world is regarding NFTs as.

1. “NFTs are digital real estate and it is going to be worth a lot more than real estate” – Anuj Jasani, CEO of Just Brandable

2. “Web 3 is an internet owned by users and builders orchestrated with tokens.” – Chris Dixon, former CEO of Hunch

3. “If you’re skeptical about the idea of owning digital property, then you’re not only denying capitalism on the internet …. You’re saying we’re not going to have a collectively owned future. We’re going to have a government-owned future and corporate-owned future.” – Naval Ravikant, former CEO of AngelList

4. “If you have $1000 to invest in something today in 2021, I would suggest buying 3 NFTs and 5 good domains and start trading in the crypto market with the remaining few dollars.” – Anuj Jasani, CEO of Just Brandable

5. “If you are an artist and still don’t use NFT (Non-Fungible Token), you are potentially missing millions of dollars.” – Olawale Daniel, Founder of TechAtLast

6. “Today the frontier is on the internet and even on the internet, the frontier is within Web3 and crypto because it’s sort of the least regulated the most decentralized, most permissionless, 24x7x365 markets that are self-funding hackers from all around the world.” – Naval Ravikant, former CEO of AngelList

7. “NFTs are digital birth certificates for the offspring of creators” – Dane Scarborough, President of Iconic Apps INC.

8. “People don’t understand NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto today the same way they didn’t understand online shopping in the 1995” – Anuj Jasani, CEO of Just Brandable

People have come up with many ways that NFTs can be beneficial for businesses as well as personal life. Some people are skeptical about getting knowledge about it because it’s very new and it is a human tendency to think twice before adopting new technologies.

These top NFT quotes help us get the basic idea of NFTs. Some of these NFT quotes will also help you get a push to try your hand at NFTs and explore if you can use them anyway. If you are an artist, then you definitely should be looking into how NFTs can be beneficial for you.

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