Whatsapp might soon be giving you the ability to export chat backups from Google Drive


Whatsapp has a long way to go in 2022 in terms of the updates and policies they plan to bring to the app. The app is always testing some new features or others and the users in the beta development of the app get to try these features out before the world.

The company has always allowed its users to back up their chats in Google Drive and has even given them the option to protect it with end-to-end encryption. Soon the app is going to allow users to export chat backups in Google Drive, a feature they are mainly testing for Android users. This coming update will allow users to retrieve all their media files from their Google Drive account which is linked to their Whatsapp account. 

Image Source: WABetaInfo

According to WABetaInfo, Whatsapp will be offering the new ‘Export Backup’ in the app settings, inside the chat backup section. Google Drive allows you to have up to 15GB of free storage. This storage includes all the space that your Google applications such as Gmail, Photos, and more take up. Giving the users the advantage of exporting files from their Drive account makes a lot of sense as people depending on this feature will also find this useful in clearing up some storage. 

This news has come after a previous rumor about the company stating that they have planned to offer limited space to store Whatsapp backups and will eventually make you pay for extra cloud storage. Right now the feature is still in the development stage and it will take some time before it reaches all the users. Whatsapp is currently looking for different ways to make its application even more mainstream and useful than it already is. 

The company has also released a new unread chat filter which is available only for the Android Beta version right now. This will come in very handy for the users as they no longer have to worry about their important chats being unread as new messages pop up every day. Their longstanding feature of allowing users to back up data to the cloud has also made it more convenient than ever for people to go from one device to other. The cloud account syncs well across all devices and gives users a smooth transition across platforms for managing their data.  Its Whatsapp Web feature has helped users to access Whatsapp on the go on various devices and it removes the need to have your phone on you at all times.

Image Source: WABetaInfo

It is important to note that all the above-mentioned features are still a part of testing and we cannot say for sure when they will be rolled out for you and me. So we will have to wait for the public release of these tools. 

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