Search engine launches ChatGPT-Style chatbot, but can we completely trust it?


The search engine has launched a new ChatGPT-like AI chatbot called ‘youChat’. The bot can answer questions and hold conversations like ChatGPT, but it also gains a significant feature – internet access – which greatly expands its capabilities. Also, the internet access allows users to search about recent events.

ChatGPT was launched to test what a very large and powerful AI system can accomplish. It is a ChatGPT is an AI chatbot system that OpenAl released in 2022. It is designed to help people creatively or in a realistic way. You can ask it to write you a poetry, a letter, or suggest you a name for your business or even pets. It gives you a lot of information about various topics. It is quite similar to Google but not exactly. ChatGPT doesn’t exactly know anything by itself. It’s the AI that’s trained to recognize patterns in vast swaths of text harvested from the internet, then further trained with human assistance to deliver more useful and better search results. ChatGPT is considered to be a waste of time by many as many a times it does not deliver what actually is required according to a study.

ChatGPT was launched on 20th November 2022 by by OpenAl as a prototype. Microsoft is a partner and investor in the amount of $1 billion dollars. They jointly developed the Azure Al Platform. It quickly gained a lot of attention because of its detailed responses and smart answers. But, it shall not be trusted completely.

The ChatGPT can answer any question and can hold a conversation, providing more artificial intelligence-powered technology to the web. It’s a revolutionary technology because it is trained to learn what humans mean when they ask a question.

The ChatGPT can also write a letter for you. It provides all types of information and solutions to your queries within no time.

Many users are shocked after noticing its ability to provide human-like responses, adapting the feeling that it might eventually have the power to disrupt how humans interact with technology and change how information is retrieved. Large language models perform the task of predicting the next word in a series of words.

Is ChatGPT reliable?

The ChatGPT gives quick responses to the questions and also provides a lot of help for various issues but, there are a few instances that prove that it should not be completely trusted.

The ChatGPT went viral for its distinctive answers that it provides to unusual questions. But, one of its search result was incorrect and it got viral. The World Cup query appeared to give wrong details like where the final was held, what date it occurred and who scored the winning shot. When CNET asked chatbot the question again, it dropped those details. To this there is a note on the site that states, “This product is in beta and its accuracy may be limited,” and adds that “ is not liable for content generated.”

Is ChatGPT a substitute for Google?

Today, as of now, the ChatGPT and are considered to be the interesting demonstration of what the future of Al would look like.

Richard Socher, the co-founder of stated, “People are looking for something new.” He believes integrating chat functionality into will help it stand out from Google.

ChatGPT can be considered as a rival of Google as it often supplies you with its suggested answers to questions and with links to websites that it thinks will be relevant, where as ChatGPT answers’ might be better than what Google will suggest.

But, as mentioned above, it should not be completely trusted as there are occasions where the information provided was not very relevant. Google itself is a source of information, which is trusted by many. But chatbot has potential to compete. So ChatGPT is doubtlessly showing the way towards our tech future.

The Limits of ChatGPT

As OpenAl has already spotlighted that ChatGPT might give wrong answers sometimes. Many users discovered that ChatGPT can provide incorrect answers, including some that are extremely incorrect.

It helpfully warns everyone if there are no outcomes. For instance, if you ask any question or are looking for any solution, and it could not generate any answer to the issue, it will reply “I’m sorry, but I am not able to browse the internet or access any external information beyond what I was trained on.” It is not able to interpret one possible answer like if there is a situation in which the facts or information at hand are difficult to process or understand.

It might not provide a perfect answer if the question is not properly structured. “If you ask it a very well structured question, with the intent that it gives you the right answer, you’ll probably get the right answer,” said Mike Krause, data science director at a different AI company, Beyond Limits. “It’ll be well articulated and sound like it came from some professor at Harvard. But if you throw it a curveball, you’ll get nonsense.” In short, the quality of answers will depend on quality of questions.

StackOverflow, the software developer site, has banned the answers from ChatbotGPT to programming questions. Administrators forewarned, “because the average rate of getting correct answers from ChatGPT is too low, the posting of answers created is substantially harmful to the site and to users who are asking or looking for correct answers.” The experience of Stack Overflow moderators with wrong ChatGPT answers that look right is something that OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, are aware of and warned about in their announcement of the new technology.

Computers are literal, and will not work properly unless you follow definite syntax and interface requirements. Language models are revealing a more human-friendly style of interaction keeping in mind the ability to generate answers that are somewhere between copying and creativity. ChatGPT is specifically programmed not to provide toxic or harmful responses. So it will avoid answering those kinds of questions.


The ChatGPT service was initially free to the public with the plans to be monetized in future. By December 4, OpenAI estimated ChatGPT already had over one million users. CNBC wrote on December 15, 2022, that the service “still goes down from time to time”. It works best in English but is also able to work in various other languages, varying degrees of success. OpenAI is working on a tool to attempt to watermark its text generation systems so as to combat bad actors using their services for academic plagiarism or for spam.

How was ChatGPT trained?

It was trained on a huge amounts of data about information and code from the internet that included sources like Reddit discussions, to help ChatGPT attain a human style of responding and earn dialogue. What sets ChatGPT apart from a simple chatbot is that it was specifically trained to understand the human intent in a question and provide helpful, truthful, and harmless answers. ChatGPT may challenge certain questions and discard parts of the question that don’t make sense because of the training. It shows how they trained the AI to predict what humans preferred. The researchers noticed that the metrics used to rate the outputs of natural language processing AI resulted in machines that scored well on the metrics, but didn’t align with what humans expected, the solution they designed was to create an AI that could output answers optimized to what humans preferred. The Al was trained using datasets of human comparisons between different answers so that the machine became better at predicting what humans judged to be satisfactory answers.

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