3 Bulletproof Ways To Make Money Using Facebook

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Facebook is one of the world’s most popular and effective social network in the world. In this modern world, you could even say that a person is not a social being if he doesn’t network on Facebook. He needs to Socialize so that he can be called as a Social Animal.

But apart from being a social being, there’s something you, me and all of us out there need. Money! We learn, work and almost live to make money.

They say that “Money can’t buy Happiness”. But the bitter truth is that it can. We all need it. And without it, you’re zero in the terms of everything.

So, the bottom line is – “Money sure can buy happiness, a lot of it.

And, did you know that you can use Facebook to earn money? If you didn’t, consider this as your lucky day. Yes, you can. And today, I’m gonna teach you how to.

How To Get Paid using Facebook?

I’ve been making money online since the last two years. Freelance Writing, Blog Management, Web Development, Graphic Design, Selling Digital Products and a lot more have been my games. And Facebook has helped me a lot to increase my revenue.

In this post, I’ll roll out some of the ways which has worked for me. And these won’t require much of expertise or investment in any way.

Sell your Own Products or Service

Being an owner of a product is the best way to make money online according to me. You get to hold the title’s like Founder, CEO, Author, Programmer and much more. And in fact, you get to make money, a lot of it.

Facebook could be of great use to promote your products. It’s where all kinds of people come and spend their time. And if you could exploit this advantage, you can increase the size of your wallet.

  • If you can write, write an eBook.
  • If you can code, create an App.
  • Or if you can provide some serious service, sell your expertise.

Facebook lets you filter through the right kind of audience who could be your potential clients or buyers. You just need to look at the right places.

Search for groups where your potential people might be having discussions and promote your product or service. You can also find people and approach them directly and pitch your service. This has worked for me a lot of times.

Own something, sell it through Facebook.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

If you think you can’t manage to become a creator of something and sell what you own, don’t put your head down. You still can make money.

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Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting products owned by other people or companies and earning commissions for the sales you bring in.

In the Online Marketing world, the commission rates varies from 15% to even 95%. That means money, a lot of it! :)

You can go to Affiliate Marketplaces like Clickbank or ShareASale to surf through a lot of thousands of products and pick the right kind of products. Know the type of audience you already have or which you could find. Then, pick a product that might be useful to them. Then promote it as an Affiliate.

You can use Facebook to find groups or discussions to promote these products. And Boom! That’s quick money.

Provide Advertisement

One gigantic stream of money rolling through the media is advertisements. Companies need their ads to be put up everywhere. And they are not hesitant to invest big numbers.

Social Media is a great place for advertising. Companies and products does know that. So, why can’t you exploit this gold mine and earn some real cash?

If you own a Facebook Fan Page with lots of likes and reach, speak to companies that might be interested in spreading the word through your page. Know the kind of people who have liked your page and notice the audience’s interest. Then pitch out companies who are looking for similar people.

Explain to them why advertising through your page could be of great use. You can help them promote their product in the form of text posts, pictures and even links to their websites.

You might get rejected at first. But keep on trying and you’ll land on some super cool deals. I’ve made over $540 in two years by helping other companies to promote themselves.

Over to You!

I hope you’ve got something to take away with you. There are many other ways to make money with Facebook. But these are the methods which had worked for me the most of the times. And I believe you can also do it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and earn some money while networking.



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