A Peek into Apple’s New HomePod: Music, Messaging, and More


This year, Apple launched the second generation of the HomePod, marking a return after discontinuing the first generation of its full-size smart speaker two years ago. Since then, rumors have circulated regarding Apple’s development of numerous HomePod prototypes, including some featuring an LCD display. Photos of one such prototype have recently appeared on the internet, and we can verify that these photos indeed depict a genuine prototype.

Images reveal a HomePod prototype equipped with an LCD display

Kosutami, a collector of Apple prototypes, made a revelation by sharing images of components from an unreleased HomePod. One of the most intriguing aspects of these components is a large touch screen sensor located on the top of the device. What sets it apart is its substantial size, which exceeds that of the current HomePod’s panel. This discovery generated substantial interest among Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. Moreover, Kosutami didn’t stop there and shared an image of a prototype HomePod that boasted a fully functional LCD display on the top, an addition that raised many eyebrows.

The images disclosed by Kosutami have left many people curious, primarily because there is a scarcity of detailed information surrounding these prototypes. Kosutami provided some context by suggesting that the design of these leaked HomePods aligns more closely with the second generation, rather than the initial, now-discontinued model.

The emergence of the images and the verification of their authenticity have set the stage for heightened expected and speculated surrounding this novel HomePod with an LCD display, showcasing Apple’s commitment to innovation and advancement in the smart speaker arena. As more information unfolds, it will be fascinating to observe how this new product shapes the future of Apple’s home audio ecosystem.

While Apple has not made a final decision about when or if this HomePod with an LCD display will become available to the public, the fact that the B720 prototype is in an advanced development stage strongly indicates that the company has concrete plans to introduce it in the near future.

Things you should know

In order to make the most of the new HomePod display, Apple is in the process of reworking certain tvOS apps to ensure they can adapt to various display formats, a task that wasn’t necessary in the past, as most TVs typically have uniform aspect ratios. It’s important to mention that the HomePod currently runs a modified version of tvOS but lacks a user interface.

Evidence found within the tvOS 17 code strongly suggests that Apple is in the process of reworking its Apple Music and Apple Podcasts apps to make them compatible with this new display format. Notably, the image shared by Kosutami displays an internal app called LcdUTest, which is employed by Apple’s engineers to test the new display.

While it’s still too early to have a precise idea of what the user interface will look like, information obtained by 9to5Mac indicates that the HomePod’s display will feature a blurred animation based on the colors of the album art when a song or podcast is playing. Additionally, there are indications that the display will provide essential notifications, potentially allowing users to answer phone calls and respond to messages, making the HomePod an even more versatile and interactive device.

It’s essential to bear in mind that this HomePod is currently a prototype, and there’s always the possibility that it may be discontinued or undergo significant changes in its development. However, it does appear to hold promise as a potential contender for the next generation of HomePod when and if Apple decides to update its lineup.

People are buzzing with curiosity about the HomePod prototype that features a snazzy screen. Apple hasn’t made a final decision on whether they’ll launch it, but there’s a strong possibility they will. They’re actively working on adapting apps to fit the new screen and enhancing the HomePod’s functionality. When you play music or podcasts, you could see vibrant animations on the screen, and it might also display important messages or incoming calls. So, even though it’s not set in stone, it appears that an exciting upgrade for the HomePod is in the works.

The HomePod prototype with a cool screen has caught people’s attention. Apple isn’t sure yet if they’ll sell it, but it looks likely. They’re actively working on making apps fit the new screen and improving the HomePod. When you play music or podcasts, you might see lively animations on the screen, and it could also show important messages or calls. So, even though it’s not certain, it seems like a really exciting upgrade for the HomePod could be on the way.

If this new HomePod does become a reality, it could change how we use smart speakers. Instead of just playing music, it could become a hub for all sorts of things, like checking messages and talking on the phone. This would make it a super useful device in our homes, and it could set a new standard for what smart speakers can do.

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