6 Best LinkedIn Headlines to Stand Out of the Crowd


In today’s times, where the world has become so fast-paced that we do not even get the time to exchange greetings with the other person or even ask about what they do. It is because of platforms like LinkedIn where your profile itself acts as an introduction for you. LinkedIn as an app has made our lives easier by helping us connect to somebody for a job who lives in another state or even country.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresher, full-time employee, or even an employer, just being on LinkedIn you can scan quite a lot for opportunities that will help you get a job or help your business grow. A good profile will always help your chances of getting seen more. If a good, well-structured profile is a cake, then the headline of your profile is the cherry on top of it.

What is a LinkedIn Headline

A LinkedIn Headline is just the space of a sentence or two that the audience will get to read and then decide whether to entertain your profile or not. Your LinkedIn Headline is extremely important because it shows your skills and strengths and that’s important for recruiters to hire you. A LinkedIn Headline also appears in Google search results. If someone googles your name then they will be shown your Linked In headline so that people will know more about you quickly.

Whenever there is a situation where one has to describe their credentials in a way that is brief yet impactful, there is a certain pressure attached to it. You are always wondering about either writing too much or too little. So in this article, I’m going to show you the best LinkedIn Headlines for 6 different levels of experience in the working field.

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LinkedIn Headlines for Students

Don’t try to compensate just because you are a recent graduate or a student. In fact, you should go ahead and not even mention ‘student’ in your LinkedIn Headline. You should actively try to mention the things you’ve accomplished. It shows your body of work. The example you see below is a great representation of a catchy LinkedIn Headline. One is that it stands out and ensures a higher number of clicks. The goal here is to use the keywords from the job that you want and make sure you acquire them through various courses.

LinkedIn Headlines for Freshers/Job Seekers

As a job-seeker, you should be striving to show the most critical skill or quality that you possess. This will help your audience to understand what hiring you will bring to the table. The one LinkedIn Headline below us shows one of the simplest yet most effective styles of headline for entry-level graduates. Mention what you have graduated in and enhance that with “a focus in X,Y,Z” where ‘XYZ’ refers to your specialties in your field.

LinkedIn Headlines for Professionals with Years of Experience

When you have had a few years of experience working, your profile automatically enhances. This is a crucial time as you would want to go bigger for your next job opportunity so you need to show the quality of your work and the names you have been associated with. This kind of a formula to construct your LinkedIn Headline will make it easy for the recruiters to pin you for a job and it also shows your personality.

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LinkedIn Headlines for Business Executives

When you are a Business Executive, you might think of just putting your position in the LinkedIn headline but if you want to make it a little more interesting to people who might come to you when you are hiring, It’s important to show personality. You have to show that you have other accolades other than just your work and under you, the employees will be promised a healthy workspace. Achievements like these also make you stand out amongst your peers, as seen below.

LinkedIn Headlines for Varied Working Professionals

Today, more people than ever are choosing to show their true lighter side on LinkedIn. It doesn’t mean that you joke around on your profile or deviate from what’s supposed to be written. It depends on you expressing yourself in a creative way. A way in which your job profile is explained clearly yet in a way that’s casual and captivating. The cleverness in the picture below does not undermine the writer’s talent, Instead, it is literally a sales pitch for any writing job. Showing you their way with words.

LinkedIn Headlines for Entrepreneurs

As an Entrepreneur, when you are showing your LinkedIn Headline to the world, you should be aware of what are people searching for in terms of keywords and where do you come in all of this. You need to make sure to use easy-to-understand words in your headline which will make it impressive as well as understandable. Instead of using statements such as ” I help” or “I provide”, use the formula of what you do + Target audience + how it solves the problem they have. A great example of it is this one below

Concluding this, I’m sure by now our readers are aware of the things to do and things not to do. I would just like to reiterate that the headline indeed is the make-or-break point of your profile. Try to use all 220 characters available to write, and fill them with your top skills and specialties. Also, remember and use all the strategic keywords which are related to your field to be seen more.

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