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Do you like watching videos? I love it. They bring life to the sometimes boring newsfeed. With the ever growing competition in the digital world, how do you think Facebook stills stands firm? Of course, it is because of its constant updating. Let’s see what next Facebook has to offer!

First let’s see what can it do for your business and how? According to the recent study, there has been a growth of over 50% in video viewing on the Facebook. Also, according to Facebook reports, people return to Facebook’s newsfeed on an average of 14 times a day. That means investment here will not go waste, making it a great tool for ‘marketing’. With over billions of people using Facebook you can reach a large mass or you can pick and choose your audience, it has both the options. Facebook is accessed through various devices like PC, laptops, mobiles, etc. with the majority of them using it through mobile, which is the most convenient device to carry.

Let’s see how it works.

How to create Adverts

  • There is an arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook page, click that.
  • Choose ‘Create adverts’.
  • Select video and get started.

Special Features

  • You can set your target budget and schedule.
  • You can set areas of your interest.
  • You can select a location of your target audience.
  • You can select the age and gender of your audience.
  • You can add text to encourage audience to get started with your advertisement.

This is how your Facebook advertisement video used to work. But, now Facebook has for you an all new updated version of this ‘Facebook Ad Videos’. Not that it wasn’t giving good results but you know ‘Competition’ makes you to give ‘The Best’! And so you have some more additional features, which make it all the more appealing. Let’s have a look on what’s new!

Automated Captions

Do you remember closing a video as soon as you opened it because of the unsuited big sound at an unsuited place?  It is said that 80% of people react negatively to the outburst. Well then this new feature can be a saving grace not to let your customers stray away. With captions, your stories will not require sound to communicate their message which makes it feasible to the user.

Previously you could add captions to your videos only by embedding them to your video or uploading caption files. But now Facebook has made it a lot easier by providing automatically generated caption tool. This tool helps you create and generate captions within ad creation tool to review, edit and save their video ads. The good news is tests say that, video view time has increased by an average of 12% with the addition of this tool. (plu68.com) Isn’t that a good enough reason to start!


Wouldn’t you like to know how your video is doing rounds? Then here is one more good news folks, more reporting options for video ads is being provided by Facebook. Advertisers can now check the results through the new metrics report available for these videos. So what all does it tell you?

Well, it tells you about the percentage of people who have viewed the video with sound in Page Insights and can see these metrics in Ads Insights too. And the results are based on ‘real people’ so you can be sure of getting the correct and accurate results. There is also a tie up with ‘Moat’, an independent third party to verify Facebook Ads. This partnership lets Facebook use the Moat technology to verify video ads and view lengths. This is an add on for the advertiser as they can have the accurate report about their ad campaigns.

100% Buying

Who would not like to have full control over things? Facebook now makes you the boss over your advertisement even when you are using them as a medium. It gives 100% in view buying option, thereby giving more control to advertiser. Facebook was always lenient when it came to giving control earlier it was 90% and now they have made it 100% that means all control lies in your hand. It gives advertisers the option to purchase ad impressions where entire ad from top to bottom has passed through a person’s news feed. Thus, by this feature Facebook is offering its advertisers full control and flexibility.

Tip to increase views

This will surely be an additional benefit. All you need to do is to add the videos directly through FB and not through any other site. Reports say that direct Facebook page videos usually get 30% more views than the ones updated through other sites.

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So, what are you waiting for, make use of this super awesome deal. Invent and invest to ignite your brand, company, product, etc. globally and reach your audience in the most convenient form.

Image: Facebook

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