Facebook’s additional feature allows users to switch to a professional profile


Facebook is introducing a new feature that will allow the users to switch to the professional mode for their profile, and take advantage of the new additional monetization tools, which were only for Facebook pages until they added this feature for their normal personal accounts of the user. Since Facebook is trying to help its users to earn money by giving them the platform to showcase their capabilities but this feature, for now, will only be available for the citizens of the US. This new feature will also help the creators to keep a track of the growth of their audience.

Although the new features of Facebook are interesting and profitable but only eligible users will get the chance to access it and only when Facebook allows other countries to use the feature. For the eligibility criteria, one must fit in with Meta’s partner monetization quality and qualify it. When the users switch to professional mode, they are allowed to join in the reels play bonus program wherein the bonus program allows the creators to make reels and earn up to $35,000 / month, depending upon how many views their reels got. As of now users who make entertaining content and were using Facebook, are loving the additional effort made by the company because Facebook will provide the exposure the users want as it’s the most used app around the world.

Interested people can sign up for the bonus program and the feature is very much similar to the videos created on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. You can easily handle the tools and edit your videos with the audio you prefer.

Facebook further stated that they are working on some additional tools which will help the creators to create a Reel which will comprise of multiple clips and the users can easily draft their videos while they are in the process of editing the video or want to share it on the right time. As of now, Instagram is the only platform that allows users to create a one-minute Reel, so the platform is also considering extending the length limit of 30 seconds to one minute.

Other than the Reel feature, the platform is also providing its users with the feature of keeping track of their audience. The users can now easily review what their audience is liking to watch and can keep a track of and review the number of shares, comments, and reactions their post received. The creators can also evaluate how their number of followers has changed over time. As Facebook has enabled professional mode which means anyone around the world can see your posts and follow your account but however, for some posts if you want to just share it with your family and friends, that will also be there.

At last, Meta said that these features would be available in other countries “in the coming months” but for now the features would only be available in the US.

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