8 Ways To Get Fake Followers on Facebook – 2023



You can inflate the number of people who Like or profess to be fans of, your Facebook page by employing a number of black hat options. Facebook disallows fake accounts – with the exception of those that are created for developers or research. So we do not condone it in any way at all. However, hypothetically – and only hypothetically, mind you – if you wish to find out how to get fake followers on Facebook, regardless of the consequences, here are a few ways. A few hypothetical ways.

#1. Websites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Gigbucks or SEOclerks are teeming with growth hackers who offer fake Facebook followers and Likes in exchange for money. No matter your budget, or your desired number of Fans, you are sure to find the right – or, depending on your point of view, the wrong – people for the job on these platforms.

#2. Followers and Likes are also sold by platforms like BuyFakeLikes, Clickmonkeys and BulkSocialFanShop, which either make use of click farms – which employ people to like or follow you in bulk – or make use of a database of fake accounts which can be added to your list of fans.

AddMeFast Fake Facebook Likes

#3. You could also log in to self-proclaimed free social directory services like Twiends, AddMeFast (pictured above) and the almost indistinguishable YouLikeHits, which claim to provide an ethical alternative for cultivating your fan base. These platforms allow you to sign up on a directory based on your interests in order to allow your profile to be discovered by others, while allowing users to offer reward points for likes and other activities, in a bid to gamify the process. This is more grey hat.

#4. Sites like Fake-Friends (pictured below) connect you with other social media users who, among a variety of other services, can also be paid to follow your product, or even write flattering reviews.Faek-Freinds.com

#5. You can (hypothetically!!) inflate your follower count by clickjacking an unrelated page. This is when users are tricked into following, or liking a Facebook post by strategically positioning invisible buttons over buttons that claim to do something else, thereby adding to your follower count when someone unwittingly clicks them.

#6. Another strategy that unscrupulous people often employ to inflate the number of Fans is to trade fan page invites on forums and discussion pages. For example, if my page has 400 fans, and yours has 300 fans, I will invite my fans to like your page for either a fixed amount of money, or in return for you asking your fans to like my page, thereby proving mutually beneficial.

#7. This method, while among the relatively safer routes to add to your network, is only effective if you already have access to a large number of email ids. Import these into a freshly created email id, which you will then use to create a new account on Facebook. Once you have verified this, import your contact list and send Friend Requests to everyone on the list. A few are sure to add you back, or even follow you. Once you’ve managed to draw friends/followers to your personal Facebook profile, you can convert your profile into an official Facebook page. Migrating to a Facebook page will convert all your friends into the number of ‘Likes’ on your page.

#8. In a similar vein, merging two Facebook pages can also help jack up your fan count as merging combines the number of your fans. However, this can only be done if both pages are meant for the same product and share an admin.

The social networking giant has clamped down on fake Followers and is deactivating fake profiles as and when they are detected. There are also tools like the Fake Follower check which can detect fake followers. While there are countless ways to both increase the number of Likes and fans for yourself, these numbers seldom hold any meaning in the long run, as they do not account for any ROI.

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