Final Fantasy 16: How To Use Ignition


In the epic tale of Final Fantasy 16, players are introduced to Clive Rosfield, a determined protagonist driven by a noble goal: to create a better future for Bearers, the magical beings born with extraordinary abilities in the realm of Valisthea. Clive’s journey is fraught with challenges, as he confronts a deeply divided society and encounters individuals who vehemently oppose his vision.

Valisthea, a land marked by stark social and political disparities, is inhabited by Bearers who possess the rare gift of magic. However, instead of being revered and celebrated for their unique talents, Bearers face discrimination and marginalization. Inspired by his personal experiences and a strong sense of justice, Clive takes it upon himself to advocate for the rights and well-being of his fellow Bearers.

Sadly, Clive’s efforts to initiate peaceful dialogue and effect positive change are often met with resistance, apathy, or outright hostility from various factions within Valisthea. Despite his genuine intentions and the weight of his words, the prevailing ignorance and prejudice within the populace leave Clive with few alternatives but to resort to more forceful methods to protect himself and those he cares about.

Throughout his perilous journey, Clive finds himself engaged in intense battles and confrontations, not out of a desire for violence, but as a means to defend his cause and stand up against oppression. It becomes evident that the deeply ingrained societal divisions and the refusal of many to listen or consider alternative perspectives leave Clive with limited options for making a lasting impact.

As Clive’s story unfolds, players witness the inner conflict he grapples with. He struggles to reconcile his desire for peace and understanding with the harsh realities of a world that often refuses to listen to reason. The game’s narrative emphasizes the complex moral dilemmas faced by Clive, challenging players to contemplate the justifiability of his actions in a society that consistently denies him a peaceful platform to enact change.

Ultimately, Final Fantasy 16 delves into profound themes of social injustice, discrimination, and the lengths one must sometimes go to challenge the status quo. Clive Rosfield emerges as a flawed yet compelling protagonist who, despite being forced into violence, remains steadfast in his pursuit of a brighter future for Bearers and the transformation of Valisthea into a more inclusive and equitable society.

Clive Rosfield wields Ifrit’s power as his Dominant, granting him a range of fiery abilities. One standout ability is Ignition, particularly useful early on. Mastering its effectiveness requires practice. Ignition allows Clive to unleash devastating flame-based attacks, but timing and strategy are crucial. As players progress, they unlock more abilities, choosing their preferred playstyle. Mastery of Ignition and other abilities empowers Clive’s combat prowess in his quest for justice in Valisthea.

What Does The Ignition Ability Do?

The Ignition ability empowers Clive to engage enemies with a dynamic and relentless attack. When activated, Clive charges at an enemy while continuously damaging them with his sword. Notably, smaller enemies can be caught and dragged along by Clive’s blade throughout the duration of the attack. Additionally, Ignition grants players the freedom to control Clive’s movement and aim, enabling him to strike and drag multiple enemies if he collides with them. While Ignition doesn’t have the ability to drag larger enemies, it remains a valuable tool in swiftly depleting their Stagger Meters. This becomes particularly advantageous during the game’s more challenging battles, allowing players to exploit the vulnerability of formidable foes.

Ignition offers Clive an aggressive and versatile offensive manoeuvre, showcasing his prowess as a skilled warrior. It provides an engaging combat experience as players navigate Clive’s movements, unleashing devastating attacks and manipulating smaller enemies in their wake. While limitations exist for larger adversaries, Ignition’s ability to rapidly diminish the Stagger Meters of such foes makes it an indispensable asset in Final Fantasy 16’s demanding encounters.

How to get the Ignition Ability?

Upon completing the Buried Memories main quest and commencing The Meaning of Life in Final Fantasy 16, players are granted access to the Ignition ability. This occurs through a prompt that appears, notifying them of Clive unlocking Limit Breaks and two Ifrit abilities: Will-o’-the-Wykes and Ignition.

To obtain Ignition, players can navigate to the Abilities tab in the pause menu and purchase it for 120 Ability Points. Once acquired, they can assign Ignition to Clive’s Eikon load out through the Gears and Eikons tab, allowing him to utilize this powerful skill in battle.

If players find themselves dissatisfied with Ignition’s performance and wish to explore other options, they have the flexibility to reset the ability. By doing so, they can remove Ignition from Clive’s load out and reclaim the Ability Points spent on it, granting them the opportunity to experiment with different abilities and customize their gameplay experience accordingly.

How to Upgrade and Master Ignition?

To enhance the power of Ignition in Final Fantasy 16, players can invest their Ability Points to upgrade this already potent ability. By navigating to the Abilities tab in the pause menu, players can access the Ifrit skill tree and locate the Ignition bubble. Holding down the X button while hovering over it initiates the upgrade process.

The initial Ignition upgrade requires 525 Ability Points to unlock. This upgrade expands the area of effect of the ability, increasing the likelihood of successfully striking enemies that were previously out of reach. This broader reach enhances Clive’s combat versatility, enabling him to connect with distant or evasive foes more effectively.

For those seeking mastery of Ignition, a total of 1,000 Ability Points must be invested. Once achieved, players gain the ability to assign Ignition to different Eikon slots within the Gear & Eikons tab. This grants greater flexibility in load out customization, allowing Clive to adapt his abilities based on the demands of various encounters.

By investing Ability Points into Ignition’s upgrades, players can maximize its potential and create a more formidable arsenal for Clive. The enhanced area of effect and the freedom to assign Ignition to different slots further enrich the combat experience, empowering players to strategically unleash devastating attacks and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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