How Much Have The Sharks Invested in Startups So Far

qually important, the latter is the most challenging part. Shark Tank India aired on Indian Television towards the end of December 2021.


Three things are extremely crucial for a successful startup- A good team, a great idea and smart investors. While all of these are equally important, the latter is the most challenging part. Shark Tank India aired on Indian Television towards the end of December 2021. This show is a platform which helps budding entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas turning their dreams into reality. With the startup market of India booming, Shark Tank India can shape Indian startups and also help them grow.

The show is not only exciting to watch but also consists a panel of judges or six sharks who are one of the most popular names in their businesses. According to OpIndia, Shark Aman Gupta (Started boAt in 2015) says, “When we started, India was changing and a revolution was happening. A new India was taking its place”. When boAt released in India, the audio product market was dominated by Chinese and German brands. Mr. Aman Gupta also claims that Shark Tank USA has played a major role in realizing his dreams and shaping him as an entrepreneur.

The Six Sharks are the most apt mentors for the show as they have their own stories and nobody can relate more with budding entrepreneurs trying to climb the ladder of success than them. Let us take a closer look at how much these Sharks have invested so far:

Investments made in Shark Tank India

The show received around 62,000 aspirants from which only 198 were given a chance to pitch their ideas. After entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, the Sharks use their market expertise and judgment in order to propose an investment that will help the new business grow and also benefit the Sharks in some way.

According to Asianet, following are the figures that each Shark has invested during the show with this count still running with each episode:

Aman Gupta, co-founder and marketing director of boAt has invested Rs. 6.69 crores in 23 deals. This Shark has a net worth of Rs. 700 crores and has closed the highest number of deals on the show, so far.

Anupam Mittal, founder and CEO of People Group, he is the owner of one of the top matrimony websites in India and has invested Rs. 3.71 crores in 15 deals.

Ashneer Grover, managing director and co-founder of BharatPe, has closed 15 deals on the show and invested Rs. 3.96 crores in all.

Namita Thapar, CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals has invested Rs. 4.48 crores in 15 deals on the show.

Peyush Bansal, co-founder and CEO of LensKart, has closed 16 deals with Rs. 4.19 crores investment. He has a net worth of Rs. 600 crores and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of India.

Finally, Vineeta Singh, CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, has only invested in six deals of Rs. 1.52 crores on the show.

The Sharks have closed around 91 deals with approximately Rs. 24.6 crores of investment in a span of one month on the show.

Biggest Gainers of the Show

While watching the show, viewers may come across interesting and often amusing ideas pitched by entrepreneurs. The Sharks find some of these ideas worth investing. Lets us take a look at the ideas that managed to grab a great deal from the show:

Skippi Ice Pops, the first Popsicle brand of India, is the only brand to get an ‘all-shark’ deal and Rs. 1 crore investment for 15% equity. Get-A-Whey, a healthy ice cream brand also received a similar deal from Sharks Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta and Vineeta Singh.

Hammer, is an Athleisure tech brand founded in 2019. This company makes high quality audio gadgets as well as fitness bands at affordable prices. This brand was paired with Aman Gupta, founder of boAt on the show and received Rs. 1 crore funding for 40% equity. This brand can use the expertise of Shark Aman Gupta to grow in India’s tech market.

Sharks Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar and Ashneer Grover invested Rs. 1.5 crores for 15% equity in AAS Vidyalaya (Anytime Anywhere School). This virtual school aims to provide good quality education by bringing the school to the children instead of children to the school.

According to ScoopWhoop, many such start-ups like, Peeschute, In A Can, Bummer, Beyond Water, Bluepine Foods, TagZ Food Brands, etc. managed to receive huge investments from the Sharks.

Flipkart and Shark Tank India

The businesses that were unable to receive any funds from the show did not go back empty handed as well. Flipkart partnered with Shark Tank India with an aim to encourage entrepreneurship in the country. Several Flipkart sellers got to pitch their ideas on the show and many other participants got their products featured on Flipkart, giving them access to millions of customers in India.

With the show still airing on Sony Television, many entrepreneurs have a chance to receive investments and guidance from the Sharks. Shark Tank is a perfect platform for budding entrepreneurs as one way or another they get a chance to showcase their ideas and get feedback from investors.

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