How To Make Money Betting On Sports?

If you are a sports enthusiast and are wondering how you can get into sports betting, here's how you can start.


The world over, there are millions of sports fans watching games and likely thinking to themselves, “Really, betting on sports can’t be that hard.” The player needs to win 52.4% of their wagers just to break even after subtracting the “vig” or “juice.” Experts usually succeed to a lesser extent than 60% of the time. There will also be a cold spell for everyone, regardless of their gender.

Betting on sports does not guarantee 100% success. So, you have to be cautious when you are finding the best betting sites.

Prioritizing Quality over Quantity

NFL betting takes place on 16 games on average every week. The majority of bettors will place a wager, whether on the total or against the spread each week. It’s common for bettors to make the same decision when there’s a busy MLB weekend or night of NBA or NHL action.

While this may work some weeks, in the long run, it is a waste of time. As a general rule, the more one wagers, the more the sportsbooks take in commissions.

There would be no way that a reasonable bettor could claim that they are confident in all games in a particular league. The truth is, some people play games just so they can have a bit of action.

Choose the games you feel most comfortable betting on, and then examine the games you are interested in betting on. 

Big Parlays Should Be Avoided

Bettors are attracted to parlays because they have the potential to win big if their bets are successful. There are roughly 2.6:1 odds on a typical two-team parlay. It is possible to win 150 times your original bet if one hits an eight-team parlay.

We read stories every now and then about bettors who won millions with a $10 wager. They are merely lottery stories. I noticed that people weren’t so confident about winning the lottery the last time I checked.

It is not a problem to place a parlay bet, rather than a single bet on the same game. If, however, you have to hit six or more legs of a parlay you may be tempted by the allure of a big payout.

Parlays should consist of two or three teams if you are going to wager on them. Although you have a low chance of winning 150 times your money, if you win, you’ll be in a great deal better shape than if you lose.

Take The Time To Research

As a rule, the more research one conducts before betting, the larger the chances of success. A lot of different methods can be employed to conduct adequate research. Researching weather forecasts, or keeping up with injury updates, are some of the ways to conduct adequate research. Taking into account how a team is currently playing or how it has performed against its opponents should also be considered.

In each case, the research does not require in-depth investigation. If you must conduct extensive research on players and teams before betting on them, you should probably avoid doing so. Rather than tricking yourself into believing you can make money betting on sports, you aren’t familiar with, stick to what you know.

Choose the Best Lines

A sportsbook that bettors feel comfortable with is their “go-to” bookie. People who are betting on the same games may not realize that another sportsbook has better odds.

There is often a big difference even between a half-point and a full-point in many sports. An 8.5-point spread is the minimum number of points by which a team must win. On the other hand, if the same team is spread out by eight points, it is less vulnerable since an eight-point win is no longer a loss. As a result, the bettor would have their money returned by pushing their bet.

It’s not a problem to open accounts at multiple sportsbooks due to their security. This will give you the opportunity to compare prices at multiple sites and put you in a position to receive the best price each time.

Live Betting Can Be Beneficial

It’s more common to place wagers before a game, but in-game betting can often be more profitable. Sportsbooks use algorithms to calculate 1xBet casino live dealers spreads. Thus, the game’s flow isn’t taken into account to the same extent as one might envision.

Take the example of a football game where one team begins with a seven-point advantage over another. It is likely that the live spread will be double digits if the team that is favored scores an early touchdown. The odds makers’ original lines in a situation like this are usually pretty accurate, so many bettors find success in live betting the underdog. The idea that there will be some “regression to the mean” can be exploited in the hope that the end result will be closer to what was originally posted.

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