India contributed 20% to global app downloads across iOS, Google Play Store: App Annie


During the pandemic, we all were pushed to the digital world. Which lead to a boost to digital economies and consumption of all things digital. While some people give in to mobile gaming and rest used their smart devices to learn a new skill or grab a new hobby. 

According to the App Annie, when they shared the app trends, showed that the world altogether spent an estimated 135 Billion on mobile applications. India dominated the global app industry with the most downloads across both Android and iOS. There are sharp differences between iOS and Android – 65% for each app came from Apple’s iOS ecosystem. Gaming apps were considered for the most spending – accounting for 60% of all iOS revenue and a huge of 80% of all money spent on the Google Play Store.

Other than the Gaming apps, people are proceeding to entertainment and social apps. App Annie also projects that entertainment apps will earn $12 billion in 2022. When it comes to the year the maximum app downloads took a leap, it is 2021 with 140 billion new apps downloaded, compared to 10 billion more downloads than in 2020 and 20 billion more downloads than in 2019. 

Though the United States is considered with 9% of all downloads followed by Brazil with 8% of downloads but India is at the top of the chart with 20% of all app downloads across iOS and google play stores. 

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